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Disposable Turned Into Art

We are big on the idea of turning waste into value. One of our core beliefs is that a lot of the value of a product lies in knowing where it comes from, how it is produced, and what are the impacts. By turning the 'discards' of everyday life into beauty and function, design adds an important dimension.

Stuart Haygarth is an artist we have been watching with admiration. His art consists of chandeliers made of washed up trash, to coffee tables made of broken rearview mirrors.

Stuart Haygarth

Stuart Haygarth isn't just trash talking here. He creates beauty from trash. Or Trash into Treasure.

Wallpaper* has assembled a wonderful slideshow of the pieces on display at the Haunch of Venison gallery in London.

Above: 'Millennium,' a chandelier made of hundreds of discarded party poppers.

'Disposable,' is made of over 400 disposable champagne flutes:

Stuart Haygarth

One of our favorite pieces is entitled Tides. It is made of hundreds of pieces of plastic junk which washed ashore near his home in England.

Stuart Haygarth

Here is a detail of his piece, Tides

Stuart Haygarth

bambu introduced a our Bamboo Pebbles this year to a great response. Our Pebbles are made from the excess bamboo material of our cutting and serving pieces. Waste into Value. Our Bamboo Pebbles have just been awarded a Design Award from the Homeworld Business magazine & International Housewares Association.

Thank you Stuart, for your Inspiring work.

(Via Fast Company.)

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