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Bamboo Plates - the inside story of bambu's All Occasion Veneerware

bambu Veneerware is the original 'natural disposable' range of dinnerware of choice for countless events, occasions and meals since first introducing bamboo plates to the the market over eight years ago. These unique, elegant bamboo dinnerware range has sparked interest, compliments and questions from a lot of people. We wanted to share the 'back story' of our bambu All Occasion Veneerware® plates and cutlery by creating this visual depiction with the help of artist, Arlene Birt, to illustrate our 'Soil to Soil' full cycle story. The simple graphic style presents our story that begins in the hills of China that we fondly refer to as 'bamboo mountain.' The bamboo we use is grown in the wild, not from plantations. Small plots of land are leased to individual farmers who harvest the bamboo with simple hand tools. The bamboo is harvested after three to five years.

Our bamboo is harvested using sustainable farming practices. No pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals are introduced to the growing or harvesting of the bamboo, which is grown in the wild. bambu is the only company to be able to make the claim that our bamboo is organically grown and certified.

Our bamboo products are enjoyed by thousands of people, and used for all types of occasions. The most common question we get asked is, 'can we use them more than once?' The short answer is 'Yes.' The FDA requires us to designate these products as single-use. But like any disposable plate, you can decide. We do not apply any finish or seal on them, so when you introduce liquid, they will begin to break down - which is exactly what these bamboo plates are supposed to do! So, cheese and crackers or sandwiches, or snacks, wipe 'em clean, and use them again and again. If you are hosting a party or catering an event, using bambu Veneerware can save you money too - here's how - check out the savings.

The best part of the bambu Veneerware story is when you are finished with these bamboo plates, and they go back into the soil and compost down. That's when the full cycle works best. And that is why we encourage all bambu Veneerware customers to Consider Composting. We do recognize, that if there was a weak link to our 'Soil to Soil' process, it is the fact that we transport our bamboo plates from China to the US by large vessel. Not perfect perhaps, but still better than many alternatives. Read Inhabitat's Compost Report on our bambu Veneerware®. Clean and green.


We are pleased to share that our All Occasion Veneerware® has also been recognized with the industry's first BioBased certification granted by the USDA. Biobased products are preferred over others, because of their proven biodegradability and low environmental impact. More information is available here and here.

Green, elegant, durable, beautiful and biodegradable.

Serve it up green, safe and clean, and certified good.

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