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Air It Out.....Naturally. Dry Your Clothes The Right Way.

bamboo clothespins

clothesline w bamboo clothespins

Think about the word, 'Laundry.' Dry. Lawn. Lawn Dry. Why not take the energy-saving, fresh air loving approach to drying your clothes - warm temperatures and a natural breeze is all you need.

Here are a some surprising statistics:

  • 80%of American households use a dryer for 2-9 loads a week.
  • Only 8% of households line dry their clothes.
  • In Italy, less than 4% of the households even own a dryer.

By some estimations, the dryer accounts for more than 6% of your electric bill. Sunlight bleaches and disinfects, too. So join the 'slow dry' movement. Let nature finish the clothes washing chore for you.

Check out our bamboo clothespins. bambu quality bamboo clothespins hold firm. Our clothespins are made tough with rust-resistant hardware - ready to withstand nature, and keep hold on your clothes in a strong breeze. Or bring them indoors and use them around the house - clip bags closed, keep papers or photos organized. Ours come in our signature reusable unbleached cotton bag. Find them at our bambu Shop here. Or find bambu clothespins here.

Let the sun do its thing. Sun drying also makes your clothes last longer.

Project Landry List leads the 'air dry' movement. You can find out more by visiting their website. Join the movement, fight the clothesline ban that may be in your community, start a Chapter. It is the preferred alternative, naturally.

And finally, here are Ten Good Reasons to Line Dry Your Clothes.

Enjoy the outdoors!

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