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What is BioPreferred and Why It Is Important

If it hits the president's desk, then it must be an important issue. A presidential memorandum was recently issued requesting federal agencies to increase procurement of certified biobased products. This is good news for those of us working on more sustainable solutions and lessening our dependence on foreign oil. Of note, the Press Secretary's announcement is here.

We applaud the efforts of small and large companies to adopt more sustainable environmental practices. And it is a good sign that government and business are responding. Biobased is growing and gaining the attention of organizations such as LOHAS. [ They highlight biobased here. ] Inevitably, more people will become familiar with biobased standards and look for the seal of approval to guide their purchases. More information on Biobased Preferred is here.

The Maze of Green Labeling
To date, green labeling has been a maze of confusion. The Biobased initiative is working to create a standardized mark that will educate and inform people of the transparent nature of products. A great blog post is here discussing the important aspects of green labeling and discussion on USDA Certified Biopreferred.

What is Approved and How are Products Measured?
Not every plant-based product or other renewable resources can qualify for the USDA Certified Biobased label. Biobased content is measured using a radiocarbon dating standard that measures total carbon content and distinguishes the amount of “new” organic from fossil or petroleum-based carbon. This enables the “new” organic (biobased) carbon to be expressed as a percent of the total carbon.

The benefits are to foster transparency, and encourage a level playing field. The USDA Certified Biobased label requires disclosure of the percentage of biobased content for the product. In the case of bambu, and specifically for our All Occasion Veneerware® range of 'natural disposables' - our products has been given a 100% rating.

bambu All Occasion Veneerware® meets the Biobased Preferred guidelines and carries both the accepted Federal Procurement designation as well as the Certified Labeling (as seen below).

All Occasion Veneerware® bamboo tableware is the only disposable range that meets these government requirements. This designation together with our Organic Certification provides customers with the best and cleanest solution to disposable dinnerware.

Auditing Procedures

The organization is vigilant on approving only those products that can pass auditing test requirements. The purpose of the audits is to ensure the integrity of the voluntary biobased product certification and labeling initiative and the preferred federal procurement initiative. The audits provide oversight and monitoring of the products. We are pleased to report that bambu just completed and passed the supplementary audit last month.

To learn more about the which products are Biobased Preferred by the USDA, go here. BioPreferred Catalog

We are pleased to be the first and only company in our category to carry this designation. And equally pleased to be part of the growing community of Biobased products. We expect that you will be hearing more about biobased products.

Got questions? Let us know....and expect to hear more from bambu on this important topic.

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