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Bamboo Totem. An Inspiration Piece.

Bamboo artifact

We found this bamboo artifact in a small out-of-the-way shop on a trip to Northern Thailand. It was about 15 years ago. It was in a dark  corner on a desk. It was an interesting shop. But this was the most interesting piece. We don't even think it was for sale. The shop clerk was a little apprehensive when we asked about it. But she was very nice, and offered it to us at what seemed a good price.


It is cut from a single culm of bamboo. It is unusual in that it is hand carved from the root section up and to the top section. It stands about 22 inches in height. The frogs are coming out from the water, holding luck coins. The one frog has ascended the bamboo 'ladder' on his climb to good fortune. 


At the time we were enthralled with bamboo and all the uses we were discovering. Now, 15 years later, as 'bambu hits its 10 year mark this year, this art piece sits prominently in our office as a symbol and a reminder of our aspirations. 



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