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Eco Expert Gets His Facts Wrong About Bamboo

Proclaimed 'eco expert' Danny Seo has a good story to tell. He raises awareness about the benefits of leading a lower impact, eco-lifestyle. bambu applauds this. We're certainly all for living a cleaner greener lifestyle.

However, he recently got his facts wrong. Rather, he did not convey the complete story. And we felt a need to speak up! The Seo PR team works with the huge media group Universal Press Syndicate, and publishes Daily Tips. Nice idea. The following 'daily tip' caught our attention.

Bamboo is a great eco-friendly material that has a myriad of uses, but cookware may not be one of them when you're stocking your green kitchen. Since bamboo spatulas and large spoons need to be glued together in strips, overheating them in bubbly pots of sauce or boiling water could cause the glue to melt and seep into your food. Instead, invest in solid metal pieces that are intact and free of glues.


Foul! Danny's PR team didn't do their research. Not all bamboo utensils are produced using glues. In fact, bambu has been producing bamboo utensils without glues since we started making our products. It is an important difference in our bamboo cooking utensils versus the other guys. It is a message we tell our customers illustrated in the graphic below...

Not only are bambu utensils free from glues and adhesives, but bambu is the only company that uses bamboo that is Certified Organic. Our sources of wild bamboo are ensured to be grown without pesticides or fertilizers. It is the same story for our bambu Kids products too. We go the extra mile on this because it is important.

Suggesting stainless steel as a better alternative as they state, doesn't tell the whole story. Nor does it consider the impacts of sourcing and processing ore.

We wrote Danny several emails informing him and his media team about the differences, but we never got a response.

We felt it important to point out the facts so people can make informed buying decisions.

We appreciate the support for what we do.

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