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Green & Clean Promotion from Bambu & The Good Home Company

As makers and sellers of green products ourselves, we are always interested in finding other great products. There is a lot of yucky, mediocre stuff out there. So when we find a superior product, we get excited. Here's one we want to share and invite you to try yourself. 


Meet The Good Home Company makers a wonderful range of natural cleaning products. Clean and green. Made in the USA, and without the nasties normally associated with cleaning products. And these are scented to perfection. We tried out their Pure Grass Dish Soap and love the fresh scent and the impressive results.


"Smells like fresh cut grass, it's like washing dishes in the outdoors"


It lathers up easily so only a small amount is needed. And it cuts through stubborn grease. The design of the bottle is nearly perfect.  Smaller than standard dish soap bottles, so it tucks behind the sink easily.  We are sold.


We are inviting you to take advantage of not one, but 2 special promotions. Shop The Good Home Company directly and enjoy a 20% discount available to our bambu community. 


Or make a purchase from our own bambuShop, and receive a 12 oz. bottle Pure Grass Dish Shop, free. Included with your order. That  is a $12.50 value. (Of course, while supplies last, won't be forever.)


Naturally, these products match up pretty well with our handy organic bamboo Pots & Pans Scrapers if you are looking for a clean and green, clean up duo.


Several good reasons to almost look forward to clean up.


Happy Summer. 


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