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Time to Upgrade your Spoons?

Time to Upgrade your Spoons?

When choosing a kitchen spoon, there are tons of options. From wood to plastic to metal and yes, even bamboo. If you’re interested in an eco- and economic choice, bamboo will be your best bet. Upgrade your wooden spoon that’s splintering and stained, and read more to see why a bamboo spoon, or two, or three, is meant for you.

First of all, I am you. I was looking for this exact product for my new kitchen. I found myself reading an article that was basically selling me an over-priced wooden spoon for $25 and looked to the comments for the real answer. Bamboo was mentioned, spoons that are sold in sets, and many many comments recommended cheaper options. I didn’t want the super cheap option, but I already knew bamboo spoons are really affordable. So after it is all said and done, yes I have a bambu® spoon set now.

Bamboo spoons

So I’m telling the world, there’s another way! No need to buy an expensive wooden spoon or worst yet a plastic one. Don't get me started on plastic. I'm getting rid of plastic from my kitchen! So, try bamboo instead.  A kitchen spoon is a cooking essential that is best for one thing: stirring. But, it's even better when it can do more, like scraping and serving.

Bamboo kitchen spoons are made of a renewable resource, making them not only eco-friendly but affordable. Bamboo is a natural material that grows rapidly and doesn't need to be replanted, so it also grows back quickly. More quickly than new growth trees. 

bambu® is the only brand that offers spoons and bamboo cooking utensils made wild crops that are certified organic, and the whole process is certified organic too. 

Benefits of Bamboo Spoons:

  1. Don’t scratch pots and pans
  2. Sustainable
  3. Affordable
  4. Stylish
  5. Durable
  6. Naturally odor and stain resistant
  7. Lightweight

bambu® spoons are also dishwasher safe because they do not contain any glue or lacquer coating. If you’re all about dishwashing, use bamboo finishing oil on a regular basis to maintain the finish on your bamboo spoons.

    Best Spoons for Cooking:

    This is probably one of your most-used tools in your kitchen, so it better be good! Get you a spoon that can do both!

    Get you a Man that can do both

    Best Kitchen Spoon

    1. The Spoontula: A design original. Stirring and scraping all-in-one.

    Not ready to commit:

    1. The Tasting Spoon: too much salt.

    Give it a rest:

    1. “Give it a Rest” Spoon: really that’s what it’s called. Another creation from the folks at bambu. This spoon has eliminated the need for a spoon rest. Say goodbye to left-behind splotches on the stove and countertops. 

     Back to basics:

    1. Mixing Spoon: Need I say more.
    2. Slotted Spoon: strain it, don’t spray it. Designed with three slots for extra straining. 

    Best Cooking Spoon Set:

    I’m with the program here, a spoon set is a great gift for someone or to yourself. Not only do all of the spoons then match, but some sets have extra goodies. Here are my top picks for bamboo spoon sets:

    Best Spoon Sets

    1. Mixing Spoons: Best 3 spoon set
    2. Kitchen Basics: 2 spoons and a spatula
    3. Bamboo Organic Essentials Utensil Set: 3 spoons, including a slotted spoon, and a spatula 

    Best Spoons for Serving:

    Serving up sides, try these long-handled bamboo spoons.

    Long handled bamboo spoons

    Afternoon tea more your thing? Teaspoons all around, with this set of 4 bamboo teaspoons.

    Spoons for Eating:

    Tasting Spoons

    We haven’t forgotten about these day-to-day workhorses. One questions for you: reusable or disposable?

    Reusable: These multi-use bamboo spoons are sold with their counterparts: knife and fork.

    Disposable: Compostable bamboo spoons that are great for packed lunches or events. Doing a tasting? Spoons and spoons, and more spoons sold in bulk.

    Best Spoon for the Great Outdoors

     Trail Spoons for Camping

    Pack our Trail Spoon. Ultra lightweight and with a long enough handle to get down to the corners of your pouch food.

    No matter what spoons float your boat, we would love to know what you think of bamboo spoons and how they compare with your old wooden spoons or, dare I even say it, plastic.