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bambu - Eco-Excellence Award Finalist - Bamboo Straws & Baby Feeding Spoons

bambu - Eco-Excellence Award Finalist - Bamboo Straws & Baby Feeding Spoons

bambu has been selected again this year as an Eco-Excellence award finalist for two categories in this year's Eco-Excellence Awards

We are thrilled to have two of our most loved products up for the award. Our Bamboo Straws are a finalist for Best Eco Goods category, Most Sustainable. And the Baby Feeding Spoons are a finalist winner for the Best Utensils in the Feeding category. Yeah!!

eco product awardOur bamboo straws are hand selected, cleaned and finished with an organic linseed oil. These are the only bamboo straws to carry the USDA certified organic seal. All is good. Here's why the reusable bamboo straws are a finalist contender. Firstly, they are reusable and durable. Use and reuse and reuse. Sip your favorite drink, rinse and sip again. (tip: customers tell us you can even put them in the dishwasher!) With our bamboo straws, you receive a pack of six straws, plus a handy dandy little cleaning brush. Bamboo straws are a fun, natural and safe product for the kiddos. One small step to reduce our use of disposable plastic straws (hip hip hurray!).

eco friendly products awardThe award-winning bambu KIDS collection is the first and only eating and feeding tools made from certified organic bamboo. This year our Baby Feeding Spoons are a finalist award winner for Best Utensils in the Feeding category. And for good reason too! The feeding spoon is made with an extra long handle to help feed baby. The gentle curve and smooth surface of the spoon is perfect for the tender mouth of your baby. Made from a single piece of eco friendly bamboo. That means no plastic, no glues, no coatings. All natural and safe. Plus, you get a set of two spoons because one is never enough. 



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bamboo straws

Vote for the Bamboo Straws. Most Sustainable! Simply click on this link >, and click on our bamboo straws.




baby feeding utensils

certified organic Both the bamboo straws and baby feeding spoons are certified organic. No yucky stuff. The bamboo straws won the 2015 Eco-Choice Award for Most Sustainable product. 


Vote for the Baby Feeding Spoons. Best Feeding Utensils! Just click on this link >, and click on our feeding spoons.



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