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Inspirations Along the Way: The Film of bambu’s Foundational Journey

Inspirations Along the Way: The Film of bambu’s Foundational Journey

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We set out on our journey founded on passion and a simple idea. More than 20 years ago, Rachel and Jeff had an idea to turn people onto renewable materials, and away from plastic. What was then a simple idea has now helped to launch a green movement towards more conscious consumption. 

There is a new order to commerce today. It is reflected in thoughtful design throughout the entire product process. 

People are increasingly looking at the company behind the product. Today, a company's ethics, how it treats all of its stakeholders, transparency, and environmental stewardship are integral, and as much a part in the decision making process as cost and appeal. 

Our co-founder Rachel Speth shares a message with other small business owners. If you are going to produce more stuff, and put goods out into the marketplace, then you need to take responsibility for the end-of-life of the products you produce. And that needs to be a holistic principle that includes the materials, and components or ingredients, and of course, the packaging too. 

There is 'no away' 

This thinking is imbued into the bambu design approach. bambu takes a material-centric approach to product design and development. 

"We simply cannot just keep adding to the waste stream," adds co-founder Jeffrey Delkin.

bambu is part of the global movement of B Corp certified businesses changing the way business is conducted. We set out to be a case study for others. We hope our message inspires others.