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bambu Founders Interview on Business of Universal Kindness Podcast

bambu Founders Interview on Business of Universal Kindness Podcast

Ever wonder how we got started in the business of bamboo? What inspired us to take the plunge and ditch our corporate jobs to do something off-the-charts nearly 20 years ago? 

podcast interview with bambu founders Business of Universal Kindness

Take a listen to the journey of Rachel and Jeff on this episode of The Business of Universal Kindness Podcast

Eco-friendly and sustainable products are becoming a trend as conscious consumers like you realize you can make better choices in the products you use day to day. 

The story of Jeff and Rachel (our founders here at Bambu) is one of great passion - to use one of the most sustainable and ethical materials on the planet and turn it into beautiful products to use in your home. With Jeff's background in marketing at powerhouse agency Ogilvy and Rachel's product development experience at Nike, they have built a brand that is challenging the status quo to supply households and independent retailers with products that people love while being kind to the planet and the workers who help usher this magnificent material into its second life. 

Jeff and Rachel go way back to their roots in Oregon, upbringing, how and where they met, and the signs along the way which propelled them to pivot from their jobs and jumping into new cultures, meet new people and share wonderful and challenging experiences along the way. 

This interview includes The ethics and values that drive their business and workforce, including how they knew they had to be based in China for their business to work (and why this makes them different from the usual companies manufacturing in China).

Plus, their advice to startups in the ethical field and what you need to ensure longevity for your business (unless you’re just in it to flip it and sell it). 


The Business of Universal Kindness Podcast

What if the decisions we make as business owners and consumers could have lasting impact in the world?

Host Sarah Henson talks 'shop' with her guests about balancing life and business, kindness, natural living, and leading with passion. Highlighting that it's possible to make a difference in the work through conscious choice.