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bambu® rejoins with 1% for the Planet. Strengthens commitment to the environment.

bambu® rejoins with 1% for the Planet. Strengthens commitment to the environment.

Our commitment to the environment goes way back. The very foundation of our business is anchored in our mission to reduce our collective impact on the planet. bambu® designs and makes a diversity of eco-friendly products that offer people alternative choices to plastic. 

Every year since our inception in 2003, we have set up 'give back' programs to organizations that focus on protecting and restoring our natural environment. See our current partnerships here. As a values-led business, we have an opportunity and a responsibility to do more than just sell product.

This year we have decided to formalize our support and rejoin with 1% for the Planet and along with more than 1200 business members, help organizations fight to preserve our natural environment. (press release here)

This is not the first time bambu has been a 1%FTP member. Our association with 1% for the Planet goes back more than 10 years. In the past, recipients of our donations have included Greenpeace, NRDC, Wild Salmon Center,  Ecotrust, World Wildlife Fund, World Resources Institute, Conservation Alliance among others.

The First Time - Why We Left 1% for the Planet

bambu first joined up with 1% For The Planet in 2006. bambu was the first company in the housewares segment to join with 1%FTP. 

However, it was early days and there were growing pains. There was a lack of accountability measures, limited resources, and it seemed that the group had lost its focus.

Why We Are Back 

Fast forward 10 years. The organization is a major force with a laser focus on connecting givers and doers.

Today we join a stronger 1% for the Planet community of responsible businesses who have given more than $175 million to environmental nonprofits. The group has the metrics in place to hold us all accountable. The organization is staffed with talented and passionate people. And together we have a single-minded focus on protecting the planet. 


Our membership to 1%FTP coincides with our launch of bambu Outdoora dedicated platform to provide non-plastic camping and picnic accessories for outdoor enthusiasts. Check out bambu Outdoor here

We are excited to be a part of the outdoor community, rejoin with 1% for the Planet and invest in our future. Because we are all dependent on a healthy environment. 

When you buy from bambu you support the planet. Shop from our range of kitchen utensils, bamboo plates, and bamboo kitchen accessories

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