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Bambu And Pitch USA Make Eco-Friendly Camping Accessible to All

Bambu And Pitch USA Make Eco-Friendly Camping Accessible to All

Headed outside for a night under the stars this summer? Bambu is partnering with a brand new eco-friendly camping concierge service called Pitch USA to make your outdoor experience a breeze. With a goal to make camping accessible to all, they provide eco-friendly camping gear and create camping experiences with the touch of a button- no equipment necessary. Here’s how:

Living in Chicago, Emma and Blair Sheade enjoy camping and time in nature as a way to unplug and recharge from busy city life. But they know that not everyone has that ability. Without access to the proper gear or knowledge from experienced campers, sleeping outside for the first time can be very intimidating. The idea for a way to make camping easier for new adventurers, and the start of Pitch USA, came to Emma and Blair around a campfire about a year ago.

After a failed day of setting up camp- where their tent broke and muggy weather prevailed- Emma and Blair realized that the reason many of their friends didn’t want to go camping was due to a fear that things would go wrong. With this in mind and a goal to teach new adventurers about eco-friendly camping, Pitch USA was born.

Eco-friendly camping

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the motivation to make Pitch USA a reality grew. Spending time outside was how Emma and Blair could safely enjoy time with friends and family. So, less than a year later, Pitch USA is here to share the experience of eco-friendly camping with others. And hopefully, to make them lifelong outdoor recreationalists.

What does it mean to make eco-friendly camping accessible?

Besides fear that a camping trip will go wrong due to weather or mistaken directions, new campers often worry about having the wrong equipment (or forgetting it all together). And, purchasing camping gear is an expensive upfront cost. Pitch USA works to remove this barrier by offering eco-friendly camping rentals and a camp set-up service.

Via the Pitch USA online booking platform, new campers can pick from a selection of vetted campsites that are secluded, heavily wooded, and located near a range of outdoor activities. Once they’ve chosen a site, all that’s left to do is reserve a basic Pitch USA camping package. This package includes all the basic eco-friendly camping gear you need for a great night outside. A tent, sleeping bag and pad, lantern, and welcome cooler with utensils, snacks, and more are among the gear Pitch USA provides. With an option to rent additional gear such as hammocks or pre-made food, campers can choose how intricate they want their eco-friendly camping setup to be. Priced on a per-night basis, Pitch USA camping rentals allow for comfortable sleeping and avoid the mistakes that cause many new campers to have a miserable first night outside.

eco-friendly camping

Pitch USA makes pitching you tent a breeze

Once you’ve reserved your campsite and gear, Pitch USA does the rest. Their team of Scouts  will head out to your site prior to your arrival to set up your campsite from tent to cooler, so all new campers need to do is show up and enjoy a night of eco-friendly camping! No more forgetting your cooler or sleeping bag- Pitch USA has got it all covered.

The Bambu and Pitch USA Partnership

Pitch USA has partnered with a selection of businesses, like Eureka Camping and LuminAID, to offer eco-friendly camping gear on their trips. Along with educating new campers about the importance of Leave No Trace ethics and teaching them how to responsibly enjoy the outdoors, Pitch uses a network of like-minded brand partners to offer outdoor gear and products that are created with as little environmental impact as possible.

Encouraging a camping experience that’s as low-waste and low-impact as possible is central to both the Pitch USA experience and our own values at Bambu. As members of the Recreate Responsibly coalition, Pitch and Bambu share a common goal of creating an environmentally sustainable and inclusive outdoor experience.

With a goal to introduce eco-friendly gear made with naturally regenerative materials to all, Bambu is happy to partner with Pitch USA to provide eco-friendly camp cooking utensils and cookware. We know camp cooking can be intimidating. And it’s often a challenge for campers (new and seasoned) to find eco-friendly camp cooking gear. By offering eco-friendly camping gear from the start, our partnership with Pitch USA aims to foster a sustainable camping community that will continue to grow.

Seven pieces of eco-friendly camping gear to bring on your next trip

Even if you’re not going camping with Pitch USA, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your camping gear to be a little more green. Once you make the change, you won’t want to leave the house without these seven pieces of eco-friendly camping gear.

Veneerware Bamboo Plates

Sometimes, you just need to simplify something. Especially if it’s your first time camping. Use disposable bamboo plates on your next Pitch USA trip to keep your camping eco-friendly while saving some stress. Unlike other disposable plates, you can expect Veneerware to last through multiple meals and easily handle even the messiest meal. Fully biodegradable and compostable in 4-6 months, these eco-friendly camping plates are made with naturally regenerative bamboo (which means they work as safe and non-toxic campfire fuel, too).

Bamboo Spork Set

Trying to keep your camp cooking set-up minimalistic, or planning a hiking or backpacking trip? Pack the bamboo spork set. With a spoon and fork side in a compact tool, this utensil comes with a cork pouch that keeps it clean when it’s stuffed in a bag or pack.

Bamboo Cutting Board

Don’t forget a good surface to chop your ingredients on! The mini bamboo cutting board is small enough to easily pack while still offering enough space to prepare your meal. Naturally antibacterial bamboo makes this an especially safe surface to use while cooking in the outdoors.

Bamboo Spoontula

Just have room for one cooking tool in your eco-friendly camping gear set? Choose the bamboo spoontula. Like the name implies, this handy tool has a unique design that allows it to act as a spatula and a spoon, all in one. Flip eggs in the morning and stir soup at night- this eco-friendly cooking utensil does it all.

Utensil Set With Eco-Conscious Pouch

Enjoy all your meals in the great outdoors with this eco-friendly utensil set that’s easy to clean and store. A full-sized knife, fork, and spoon set stay compact thanks to a storage pouch made with sustainable cork and denim.

Trail Spoon

Eating out of a pouch of pre-made food? The bamboo trail spoon is made for this! It also doubles as a small but mighty cooking spoon, so you can stir and saute with the same utensil you eat from.

Disposable Bamboo Cutlery

Keep it simple on your next Pitch USA camping trip with disposable bamboo cutlery. These pre-sealed packets have a set of utensils and a napkin that are all fully biodegradable and compostable. This is a fantastic piece of eco-friendly camping gear for larger groups and families that need an easier option that doesn’t require cleaning.

Did you know? Bambu has also partnered with eco-friendly camping chef, Gritty Gourmet, to bring you recipes for your next camping trip. Check out our latest recipe here.

Learn more about Bambu’s commitment to creating a welcoming and eco-friendly outdoor community alongside the Recreate Responsibly Coalition.  

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