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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts of 2019

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts of 2019

Ahhh, the Mother’s Day gift, something that you buy that never quite seems to express how much you love your mom. It never can truly represent your appreciation for everything she does everyday. Some of the best gifts are handmade or an experience, like breakfast in bed, but there is something nice about mom sitting back, opening her gift and seeing the smile on her face knowing you put a lot of thought into her present.

When thinking about the fabulous women in our lives, our team here at bambu® picked out our favorite eco-friendly gifts for moms, grandmas and wives to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts:

compostable plates

#1: Veneerware® Compostable Fancy Plates and Utensils

My mom is the Entertainer, when she isn’t hosting a party she is throwing herself into floral design and researching the latest design trends. Style and function are two of her most important criteria when looking for new brands and party supplies. She is also aware of all of the waste that each party has, from plates to napkins and plastic utensils. She usually tries to use washable dinnerware but it’s not always possible!

With the launch of the full line of bamboo fancy plates in more sizes than ever, this is a gift that none of her friends will have seen before. I think she will appreciate a selection of compostable dinnerware for her next party and will love the natural, upscale look and feel of bambu®. Best of all, when the party’s over she can compost the plates and the bamboo Veneerware® utensils. She’s going to love this gift and how easy clean up is.

-Caroline E.

Travel Cutlery Sets

#2: Travel Eat/Drink Tool Kit

My mom is the Jet-Setter, she never seems to sit down or stand still. If she is not off on a trip with friends or for business, she is busily running errands around town and barely has time to stop for lunch. When thinking of her always on the move, this travel utensil set came to mind as the perfect gift for her to throw in her purse and be able to use in the car, at her office or on the plane.

This new eat/drink travel utensil set is an all-in-one sustainable Mother’s Day gift complete with: a bamboo straw, straw cleaner brush, bamboo chopsticks, spork, fork, spoon and knife. I think she will love the ease of having this set on her and being able to reuse them over and over.

- Sadie W.

Kitchen Utensils

#3: Kitchen Upgrade: Bamboo Kitchen Utensils + Cutting Boards

My wife is the Green Mom, she uses all natural cleaning supplies, dresses our children in organic clothes and always goes the extra mile to put local, fresh food on our kitchen table. I don’t know how she finds time to not only be an amazing mom, but also make sustainable choices for a green home which is so important to us both.

When thinking of an eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift for her from me and our kids, stocking our kitchen with some of her bamboo favorites is going to be a great surprise for Mother’s Day morning. She has had her eye on a new kitchen utensil set and cutting boards to replace the ones we have had for years. I think she will love the sleek design of the bamboo Undercut cutting boards. bambu® was the first company to use a water based glue for their cutting boards, so not only are they 100% eco-friendly but stylish too.

- Jack H.

Camp Cooking

#4: Camp Kitchen Accessories

My mom is the Camp Cook, and I don’t mean out of a can. She always manages to make delicious recipes while camping, bringing her own flair to the great outdoors. This Mother’s Day we are going on a camping trip with mom to celebrate her and Mother Nature. I wanted to put together something special for our trip that would make this Mother’s Day memorable. Our favorite camping activities are always going on a hike, helping Mom with prep and sitting around the fire at night.

Mom is going to love her new camping kitchen accessories, we picked out a selection of camping cooking tools to make meal prep a lot easier and more sustainable. From bamboo tongs and pot scrapers to compostable plates and napkins, this eco-friendly Mother’s Day gift is going to be perfect for her.

- Rachel S.

 Garden Apron Organic Cotton Hemp

#5: Gardening Apron

My grandmother, mom and aunt are the Green Thumb Brigade. Every woman in my family has a green thumb. They spend most of their time out in the garden: pruning, watering and planting. This time of year is always a highlight as new life sprouts up again.

To celebrate Spring and Mother’s Day I wanted to get them each their own gardening apron. bambu® organic cotton and hemp aprons are hardy enough for day-to-day work out in the garden and have deep pockets to hold seed packets and tools. Last year I got them each a set of gardening clogs and this will complete their ensemble.

-Jeff D.

BBQ Plates

#6: BBQ Compostable Plates, Utensils and Napkins

My moms are the Minimalists, they are always looking for ways to simplify how they live, from donation drop-offs to sustainable living. They would like nothing better than to chuck out their paper plates at the end of our annual Mother’s Day BBQ, so this year I’m replacing all of their paper plates and napkins with bamboo. They are much easier to throw away or compost guilt free, because each plate is made out of bamboo, a renewable resource. And napkins too--I’m embarrassed by how many napkins we go through when our family has a BBQ, this will be their new go-to!

-Amanda G.

Reusable Glass Straws

#7: Glass Cocktail Straws

My mom is the Mixologist, with a twist, on the rocks or with a lemon spiral. My mom is always trying out a new cocktail recipe, especially when she has her group of friends over for girls night or Sunday brunch.

She has completely eliminated plastic straws because of their environmental impact on marine life, but has yet to find a good replacement. She was using paper straws but they were getting soggy in her drinks and she said they altered the flavor. I know she will love this paper or plastic straw alternative and be able to reuse them too. The short glass straws are not only stylish but also shatter-proof. Can’t wait to see what cocktails she will be mixing up this Mother’s Day with her new eco-friendly gift.

 - Margaret S.

Natural Baby Spoon Bamboo

#8: Baby’s First Spoon

My wife is a Soon-to-be-Mom, she is expecting and has done a lot of research on how to be a sustainable, eco-conscious parent. She is constantly sending me articles on how to make our home more eco-friendly before the baby arrives.

When looking for eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts for her, I immediately thought of something special for her and our expected arrival. We’re not sure yet if we are having a baby boy or girl, so the bamboo baby spoon seems like a modern, eco-friendly upgrade to the silver spoons of the past. I think my wife will find this little gift meaningful and thoughtful.

- Edward R.

Stainless Lunch Containers

#9: Stainless Food Containers

My mom is the Planner, from meal prep to our family calendar, my mom has everything well organized. She currently uses reusable beeswax sheets for sandwiches and food for packed lunches for our whole family. These stainless steel containers are going to make her life a lot easier and they are a great alternative to plastic.

ECOlunchboxes come in different sizes so we got a few different ones for Mom to try out and see what she likes best. I can already see her relief when she finds out they can also go in the dishwasher!

-Allie H.

 Bread board

#10: Artisan Bread Board

My grandma is the Bread Whisperer. Some of my best memories are with my grandma in the kitchen, she is kneading the dough and trying to teach me how to make bread. Unfortunately, no one quite does it like she does. Not even me.

I know grandma is going to love this serving board to showcase her bread creations on the counter and not have to pick up all the crumbs! Best part about this board is that it is double sided, so when one side gets worn she can just flip it over to use the other.

- Joe T.

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Let us know what your favorite eco-friendly gift for mom was this year.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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