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Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts for the Conscious Couple

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts for the Conscious Couple

You just received the Greens’ wedding invitation, most likely on recycled paper or even emailed to your inbox. The Greens love to explore the great outdoors, but when at home they are spending time in their garden or improving their energy-efficient house.

We all know this eco-friendly couple, they’re our favorite people to have meaningful discussions with and be invited over for dinner by! But don’t let them remind you again how plastic is bad for the environment (remember that plastic water bottle you got them last year? Eek.)! This time you’ll want to choose a gift this conscious couple can cherish for years to come. Luckily--we have some ideas for sustainable wedding gifts perfect for the occasion.

Think of the couple you are shopping for, are they always at home, entertaining and working on their garden? Or are they just coming back from a camping trip or new adventure? Every couple is unique, so here are a few gift ideas for the newlyweds to-be:

Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts for the Homebody Couple:

This gift selection is for the homebodies out there. This conscious couple spends their weekends revamping their compost heap, pulling fresh veggies out of the garden and cooking up organic recipes in their energy-efficient kitchen. They love being home and working on new projects to reduce their footprint.

Their house is always the top on your list to visit for a dinner party, knowing that everything you’ll be enjoying is homegrown and homemade. Give them a gift they can bring out the next time you visit and use over and over again.

Kitchen Aprons

#1: His and Hers Organic Aprons: This couple will appreciate these hardy and versatile organic cotton and hemp blend aprons for in the kitchen or outside in their garden. Our unique blend of organic cotton and hemp is all-natural and durable. These aprons only get better with wear and washing making them one of our favorite gifts. Want to make them extra personal? Get them embroidered. Here's a place to consider. 

crumb board

#2: Bamboo Crumb Board: When they return from their European honeymoon, you can bet they will be searching for more fresh baked bread. Or trying to make some themselves. This crumb board is a great artisan item for serving up a fresh loaf or grilled pizza, plus it is made of sustainable bamboo, a renewable material. Pair this with Bamboo and Wood Grain Finishing Oil so their board stays beautiful for years to come. They will appreciate being able to bring out this crumb board time and time again and not having to clean up the mess of well, crumbs.

Serving Tray

#3: Serving Board + Spreaders: Can you say charcuterie? This extra large bamboo serving and cutting board will be a new favorite in their kitchen. Use to serve up a cheese platter or for everyday cutting and chopping. Pair this multi-purpose board with a set of four bamboo spreaders to complete your gift set. Both of these items are made from sustainably harvested bamboo and can be cared for by using Bamboo and Wood Grain Finishing Oil on a regular basis.

Our bamboo cutting and serving boards are known for their durability and stylish finish. Plus bambu® uses a water-based, food-grade adhesive to bind the bamboo together into a solid board. “Bamboo is the choice of many environmentalists,“ said the Kitchn in their article recommending our bamboo boards.

Kitchen utensils

#4: Kitchen Basics: This trio of must-have bamboo cooking utensils will help upgrade the couple’s kitchen prep in style. Complete with an oval spoon, rounded spoon and spatula. As says it best, “A sure sign of a great gift is one the recipients love, but that they may not have thought to buy for themselves. Enter beautiful and sustainable yet practical kitchen utensils from bambu®. This set, aptly called Kitchen Basics, is a steal at only $14.50, especially when you consider that it’s naturally antimicrobial and stain-resistant, and made from earth-friendly organic bamboo.”

Want to do something a little extra? bambu® also has a set of four kitchen essentials, including a mixing spoon, sauce spoon, spatula and slotted spoon. Great as a starter set for the newlyweds or a stylish upgrade. One of the best features of these cooking utensils is that bamboo utensils do not scratch cooking surfaces. So, their brand new copper pots and pans are safe.

Glass Straws 

#5: Set of Four Glass Reusable Straws: Complete their cocktail set with this set of four reusable glass straws. These thin glass straws are not only stylish but a great alternative to plastic straws. No doubt you have heard about the negative impact of plastic straws on the environment from this couple. They will love this set of straws they can use time and time again guilt free. This set also comes with a plant-based sisal straw brush cleaner. Worried about the glass? Don’t be, these glass straws are made with borosilicate glass, the same glass used for test tubes, making them shatterproof and virtually indestructible. 

Sustainable Wedding Gifts for the Nature Lovers:

On the weekends this conscious couple is off on an adventure, whether it be camping, hiking, backpacking or rock climbing. Their love for nature extends to their environmental choices, you won’t find them littering anytime soon. This couple is all about zero-waste and wants to preserve the natural beauty they know and love for future generations.

Give them a gift that will remind them of you the next time they trek out on a new journey and help save the planet at the same time.

Travel Cutlery

#1: Travel Utensil Set with Reusable Bamboo Utensils and Eco-friendly Pouch: They will never go anywhere again without their travel cutlery set. Get a few of them for an indispensable gift. Each set includes a knife, spoon and fork made of USDA certified organic bamboo and organic fabric pouch. Choose from cork, hemp denim or organic cotton strip fabric depending on what you think they would like best.  

Eat and Drinking Accessories

#2: Eat/Drink Tool Kit: Go beyond the travel utensil set for the more hard-core outdoors couple with this zero-waste eating and drinking kit. This kit includes a bamboo knife, spoon, fork, spork, set of chopsticks, bamboo straw and cleaning brush, all stored in an organic mesh bag. What more could this couple want? Except maybe 2-4 of these all-in-one kits for their backpacking honeymoon!

Stainless Lunch Boxes

#3: Stainless Steel Nesting Containers: Whether for lunch at the campsite or for a day trip, this couple will love the utility of this plastic-free bento box set. Made of the highest quality stainless steel, the ECOlunchbox Three-in-One is one of our favorite eco-friendly wedding gifts to give this season. Each container nests within one another making separating snacks and lunch easy and organized.

Our partner, ECOlunchbox, has the highest standards for their products and is a mission-based company this couple is sure to love. Shop their Stainless Solo Rectangle Box for a little extra for your eco-friendly wedding gift.

Disposable Plates

#4: Biodegradable, Disposable Plates + Utensils: If plastic was bad, paper plates are another pet-peeve of this couple, introduce them to these high-quality disposable bamboo plates and utensils to use at home or at the campsite. When finished they go straight in the compost bin and will compost in a few months.

bambu Veneerware® is the one and only single-use product made from 100% organic bamboo. Doesn’t get better than that for a sustainable wedding gift. One of our best-selling and best-reviewed products, this couple will thank you for introducing them to these plates and utensils for all occasions.

Camp Kitchen Tools

#5: Camp Kitchen Essentials: Make your own unique, eco-friendly wedding gift by combining bamboo camping cooking tools with other essentials, like a mini cutting board or pot scrapers. All of these items are made with 100% USDA certified organic bamboo, making this the most eco-friendly camping gift yet. A great upgrade to any camp kitchen at an affordable price-point.

Whether the couple you know are homebodies or nature lovers, or maybe a little of both, we know that they will love the eco-friendly wedding gift you choose for them. Shop our full selection of organic products for other gift ideas and let us know if we can help answer any questions you or they might have.

Now we think it is time to celebrate! Best wishes to the happy couple.


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