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Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning

Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning

Your choice of dinnerware is just one of the many considerations for your wedding planning. You want to do it right. But you also have a thousand other things to think about. Your choice of dinnerware matters, but it is not the most important consideration. We understand. 

Would you dare consider disposable plates for your wedding? If you are thinking conventional plastic or disposable paper plates, you would probably say 'no way.' It is an important day. Who wants to rely on cheap, unattractive paper plates?

bambu has redefined the disposable plate. The bambu brand creates and produces the best selling bamboo plates for weddings and special events. Veneerware bamboo plates are the best quality and original bamboo plate available. Plus, they are the only disposable plates made from certified organic bamboo. 

Green. Elegant. Dinnerware.

Bamboo plates for weddings are a great solution. Here's why. They are economical. When you consider the cost using or renting ceramic plates, the labor for transporting if necessary, or the use of water to wash, and you can see it adds up. They are super convenient.  Use, enjoy, and dispose. And you can dispose of them guilt-free by composting them, because they are compost approved. Only Veneerware is made from certified organic sources too. More on compostability is here.  They are natural and beautiful. This is perhaps the best reason. Veneerware bamboo plates are beautiful and clean, consistent plate-to-plate, no blotches, or dark spots, no streaks and without irregularities. bambu plates showcase your food beautifully, and create an elegant natural accent to your event. They are surprisingly sturdy. Our plates won't bend or buckle and will hold their shape with any food you wish to serve. 

Have you used Veneerware bamboo plates for your wedding or special event? Share with us your photos on our Facebook Page. Have you been to a wedding or event that was served up on bambu Veneerware plates? We'd love to see. 

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Haven't decided? Need some help? We can help. See for yourself, the quality, and clean and green finish of our Veneerware compostable dinnerware. Request our Veneerware Sample Kit. We will send you a sample of each size plate and cutlery piece shipped out within 48 hours. 

Or call us toll-free at 1-855-630-3149. We'll answer all your questions. We've used Veneerware for our own weddings and events. Check our our website at or email us at

Happy Planning! Make it a great day!


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