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Sustainable I Dos: Save Money and the Earth with Compostable Wedding Tableware

Sustainable I Dos: Save Money and the Earth with Compostable Wedding Tableware

Becoming engaged is a time of tremendous excitement and change in a couple’s life. While it’s nice to take plenty of romantic time to simply celebrate your engagement, you’re probably eager to begin planning your wedding. After a (not-so-romantic) talk about your budget and agreeing on something between your dream wedding and what you can actually afford, it’s good to start planning 9-12 months before the big day. There’s a lot to do!

Your wedding day will create lifelong memories and you’ll want everything to be perfect. But, you’ll pay quite a steep price for those memories. The average cost of a wedding in the USA is a staggering $35,329. The venue, catered food and open bar are the biggest expenses averaging about $75 per person (excluding insurance, taxes and gratuities). Then, there’s the photographer, the couple’s attire, attire for the wedding party, flowers, the cake, decorations, wedding favors and entertainment.

Don’t be surprised if, like most couples, you exceed your pre-wedding day budget with expenses like your rings, marriage license, invitations, postage, gifts for the wedding party, planning your honeymoon, and spa treatments. An outdoor wedding at the park or barefoot on the beach is beginning to sound like a great idea, but don’t fret!

With some creativity, you can dramatically cut expenses while making your dream wedding a stylish eco-friendly event that’s sure to impress. From the invitations to the flowers and everything between, it’s fun and easy to create a unique, economical and ecological wedding and reception you can be proud of. At bambu®, we’re here to help make your special day elegant, memorable and sustainable with compostable dinnerware.


Eco-friendly Tableware & Compostable Plates for your Wedding

A wedding reception offers a chance for all of your friends and family to be together, and food is an important part of any celebration. When the venue you’ve rented serves your food, a hefty price is worked into the cost to cover the use of their ceramic (or china) plates and silverware, as well as, washing them after the meal. Whether you choose a park or rent an upscale venue, providing your own compostable plates and utensils for your wedding will reduce your expenses while also reducing your environmental impact. Use, enjoy, dispose!

Bamboo plates and utensils are elegant, yet economical, making them a perfect choice for your wedding reception. They’re surprisingly durable and are sturdy enough to confidently serve any kind of food on. Veneerware®, our line of eco-friendly tableware, offers natural plates with plate-to-plate consistency, free of blotches, dark spots or irregularities. They showcase your food beautifully and their natural elegance is sure to be a great conversation piece too!   

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bambu has redefined the disposable plate. Since 2003, we’ve created and produced the best-selling, highest quality bamboo plates and utensils available. To this day, they are the only bamboo plates and cutlery that are 100% certified biobased. And, when it comes to clean up, there is no need to pay someone to wash your dishes. Veneerware® makes clean-up a guilt-free snap! You’ll feel good knowing that these Earth-friendly products are certified compostable. Every step taken to reduce our carbon footprint matters.

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We've used Veneerware® for our own events and have helped many couples choose the perfect compostable plates for their wedding reception. We’re here to help you too! It’s nice to see and feel each shape and size of our plates and utensils to decide what’s just right for you; that’s easy with our Veneerware® Sample Box.  

Check out Get Inspired to see how others have used our disposable bamboo plates and utensils for their wedding reception. And, don’t hesitate to call us at 855-630-3149 if we can be of help in any way.

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"We love using bambu Veneerware plates and they are a wonderful alternative to disposable plastic plates. They are durable, sturdy and leak-proof, and the quality meets our demands for the best. The plate’s stylish design and neutral color blend seamlessly into various settings –from a seated luncheon to a casual picnic to a formal wedding."

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