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Veneerware bamboo plates - Commercially Approved and Accepted for Composting

Not all disposable plates are created equally. And not all disposable plates are approved for composting. Even if the packaging says 'compostable.' So it is important to know which disposable products are in fact, approved for composting. Different locations have different regulations when it comes to which items are approved for commercial and residential composting.

At bambu, our bamboo plates and bamboo utensils tested at the largest composting facility in the country. Cedar Grove is one of the largest composting facilities and among the most influential in establishing composting standards.

Cedar Grove Composts                                                                                                                      courtesy of Cedar Grove



Veneerware bamboo plates are Approved for composting by Cedar Grove. See the full list here. Only products from bambu are made from certified organic bamboo, and approved for composting. bambu Veneerware Utensils are also approved by Cedar Grove in Washington.

Our Veneerware collection of plates, trays and cutlery is also certified by the USDA. We have earned 100% biobased certification for these products.


What does this mean to you?

It means that when you choose to use Veneerware, whether for a wedding, picnic, a fancy catered event, or even a simple meal, you are using a proven and tested product that does not pollute the environment. 

It also means that you are getting the highest quality disposable plate on the market. Our bamboo is from certified sources. Each plate is consistent from plate to plate without irregularities. Veneerware disposable plates are durable and sturdy. And when you consider the cost of transporting and washing heavy ceramic dinnerware, it is a convenient and cost effective solution too.

Veneerware from bambu. Certified and Compostable. Great for entertaining. Good for the environment. If you are looking for a certified, safe and approved disposable option for your next event or your next meal, you can't find a better more eco-friendly and elegant solution. 

Available in packs of 8 plates, or larger packs of 100 plates. Contact bambu today to place your order or for more information.

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