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On Sale for Spring! Tools for the garden, made from bamboo.

Spring flowersSpring is here! The first of the season's buds are budding. It is time for garden planning. The flower boxes, herb gardens, and urban patches, and flower beds need tending to! 

bambu offers a unique selection of tools and accessories for the garden. The first tools made from nature for the garden. Made from certified organic bamboo, we offer sturdy and lightweight garden trowel and garden fork for starters. No metals, glues or plastic, and all natural.


Surprisingly sturdy and up to the task. After all, bamboo has the tensile strength of steel. But they are super lightweight too, hand shaped to fit snugly in your hand. Ready for business.

Bamboo tools for the garden  USDA Certified Organic 

“fits wonderfully in my hand, so light it was effortless”


“...a tool that is such a pleasure to use”


These are the first and only certified organic tools for your pot, patch, or garden. 


Save on the Bambu Garden Collection. Now on sale at 20% off.

Consider our bamboo garden markers. Identify your herbs and seedlings with these organic bamboo markers. A simple pencil to identify your new growths. 

Garden Markers made from bamboo     

Throw on our hemp & organic cotton garden apron, and load up the pockets before heading 'out to work.' It will last and last, from growing season to season, planting to harvest.

Hemp and Cotton Garden Apron

Check out all our garden tools & accessories, including our unique cork & bamboo fly swatter

Start Digging! Enjoy Spring!




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