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Why Bamboo is the Best Cutting Board Material

Why Bamboo is the Best Cutting Board Material

Cutting boards are an essential tool for cooking, entertaining and styling in your kitchen. If you’re like us, your cutting board is most likely out on the counter for easy access and has become a crucial kitchen accessory. Having a stylish cutting board on your counter is only one benefit of owning a bamboo cutting board, with their lightweight, sleek design bamboo cutting boards provide many reasons to make the switch to a more sustainable, long-lasting alternative to wood or plastic. So, why is bamboo the best cutting board material on the market?

Bamboo as a material is one of the main reasons why cutting boards are so popular for our customers. Bamboo is a grass that grows at a fast pace, making it a renewable and sustainable resource. Whereas alternative materials, such as wood or plastic, are less sustainable and harmful to the environment. Bamboo is harder than most woods, bamboo cutting boards are built to last. When you choose bamboo you are not only making an ecological decision but a financial one, most bamboo cutting boards on the market cost less than their counterparts.

Besides bamboo being one of the best cutting board materials, bamboo is also a great resource for many other goods, such as kitchen utensils and more. All of our bamboo is sustainably harvested in the hills of China, making not only the material itself eco-friendly but also our business practices. Worth mentioning that our bamboo is grown in the wild, not on plantations. The bamboo is harvested by individual farmers.

Pros and Cons of Bamboo Cutting Boards:


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Renewable and sustainable
  • Lightweight
  • Good looking and stylish finish
  • Sanitary & anti-microbial
  • Natural moisture-resistant properties (warp resistant)
  • Affordable


  • Harder on knives than a soft wood
  • Not dishwasher safe

Sustainability of Bamboo

As discussed above, bamboo is sustainable and renewable due to the plant’s fast growth cycle. Our bamboo is grown in the wild without chemicals or pesticides of any kind. bambu® boards use a water-based, food-grade adhesive to bind the bamboo together into a solid board.

Durability of Bamboo

Bamboo is a hard grass, making it hardier than other types of materials, like wood, used in the making of cutting boards. When you purchase a bamboo cutting board, you’ll have it for years to come if you properly hand wash and care for your board.

Bamboo Cutting Board Care Tip: Hand wash and towel or rack dry. Also use Bamboo Finishing Oil to keep your bamboo cutting board beautiful for years.  

Because bamboo is a more dense material, make sure to sharpen knives regularly if you are primarily using your board for chopping and cutting for the best results. Also, because of this density and natural water-resistant properties a bamboo cutting board will not take on odors over time leaving your board fresh and sanitary.

Plastic vs. Wood vs. Bamboo

Plastic and Wood cutting boards are the most popular alternatives and each come with their own set of Pros and Cons. For the eco-friendly consumer, bamboo trumps as a natural and environmental choice, but if you would like to compare each of these materials more in-depth read our full post on the subject: Best Cutting Boards: What’s the Best Kind of Cutting Board?

Why purchase a bambu® Cutting Board?

Convinced that bamboo is the best cutting board material? So are we! This is what people are saying about bambu® cutting boards:

“Bamboo is the choice of many environmentalists...and we love it for the bar and small chopping jobs.”  - Kitchn, recommending bambu® in their article on the best cutting boards
bamboo cutting board -review

“It’s the best cutting board I’ve ever purchased. Certified organic and Good quality. Truly recommend to others” Tj. S., about Undercut Series Cutting Board

bamboo cutting boards - testimonial

“Well made, nice looking and totally functional for my needs when cutting small items. Thanks!” - Cal T., about Undercut Series Cutting Board


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How to bambu®

  1. Use a small bamboo cutting board for your cocktail bar to slice and dice citrus and other garnishes. Our Classic Cutting Bar Board is a best seller for small tasks.
  2. Bring out the big board for serving up cheese and more during your next dinner party. Our Artisan Cutting & Serving Board is dual purpose with a modern design.
  3. Chop away using your everyday go-to board. We offer a variety of sizes in our Undercut Series of Cutting Boards.
  4. Bring it on your next camping adventure as a lightweight companion. Stick to the Classic.

Explore our full line of bamboo cutting boards to find the perfect shape and size for your needs.

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