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A week in Vietnam

  We're off for another visit in Vietnam and we'll be there most of the week. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to go to Vietnam as frequently as we do, and work with the rural people of Vietnam. The Vietnamese are wonderful people. Warm and generous, and prideful in their work. We work directly with the craftspeople that...

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UPS - A Brilliant Green Idea

We've been following the Sustainable Brands 08 conference - from afar naturally. It's the type of event we should really be at, I know. Anyway, Andrew Winston, co-author of the book Green to Gold, kicked off Day Two at Sustainable Brands '08 with an update on green marketing and innovations across various industries. One of the examples he cited was...

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Like Minds - Patagonia ~ Let My People Go, Footprint Chronicles & 1%

We like the the minds at Patagonia. We've been admirers of theirs for years. From our first syncillia jacket, to the bullet proof SST fishing jacket, the products have always been built tough and sensibly. Performance first. Their catalogs are mouth-watering adventure travel logs created with substance and environmental reverence and stewardship. Their story telling is masterful.  A favorite on...

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Answering the Tough Questions - the Co-Op America Interview part 2

In May, Co-Op America, the non-profit consumer group that promotes environmental sustainability and social justice, interviewed us. You can read the full interview here. We received a number of comments and good questions from that interview (thank you!). Among the most interesting, was a question from Barbara who asked, I've heard (but not researched it myself) that the popularity of...

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