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Issue No. 26 | The Shift

Ready for some good news? Us too. Join us in a shift towards positivity as we dive into what's going right this month.

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5 Tips For Making Change This Plastic-Free July

green matters plastic-free July

Whether it's your first or 5th time participating, this quick guide is here to help you succeed this July. From the first steps, like refusing single-use straws, to big changes, like eliminating plastic food packaging, there's an achievable goal for everyone.

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Kelp Farming, For The Climate 

How to Save a Planet Gimlet Media

We're switching things up this month with a podcast episode from "How To Save A Planet." The ocean is often the sight of environmental disasters (including a lot of plastic pollution). But what about the solutions that abound in the deep water? Turns out, there's more hope under the sea that you might think. 

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Take The Plastic-Free Challenge

Plastic-free July

Whether for a day, week, or year, join millions of people around the world in committing to avoiding single-use plastics this July. Moving away from plastic isn't the same for everyone, so personalize the challenge for yourself! It might just be the start of a lifelong habit.