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Issue No. 25 | The Shift

Ready for some good news? Us too. Join us in a shift towards positivity as we dive into what's going right this month.

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The Power of Planting With A Purpose

Planting and Gardening - The Shift

If it's planted thoughtfully, a tree has the ability to change more than we might think. Trees can save lives, improve mental health, and–of course– save our planet. But, only when it's planted with purpose.

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The Pollinators

 Pollinators The Shift

Does the future of our food system rest on the tiniest of wings? Perhaps. This cinematic journey will take you across the United States, where you'll meet the people (and pollinators), that are working to keep food production running the way nature intended it. 

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Eat Local

Eat Local

Itching to fill your kitchen with local produce this summer, but not sure where to find it? Now, it's easy! Type your location into the USDA Local Food Portal, and it'll share a list of local farmers' markets, food hubs, and CSAs nearby.