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The Shift

Issue No. 28 | The Shift

Issue No. 28 | The Shift

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Blue Whales Are Making A Big Comeback In California

 Blue Whales making a comeback

Even the biggest animals in the world aren't immune to human impact. But these gentle giants are on the path to recovery, thanks to a mix of legislation, non-profit effort, and even advanced mapping that prevents large ships from colliding with whales.

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Wild Life

National Geographic Wild Life

What's one way to save wild places? To buy them. That's just what conservationists Kris and Doug Tompkins did. Leaving behind the outdoor brands they'd helped pioneer - Patagonia, The North Face, and Esprit - they turned their attention to creating some of the most important National Parks in South America. 

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Clean It Up

World Clean Up Day

September 16th is World Clean Up Day. Join the movement by finding a local community clean-up event. Or, if you know a local spot that needs some love, bring along some gloves and a trash bag for your next hike, bike, or camping trip.