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Issue No. 29 | The Shift

Ready for some good news? Us too. Join us in a shift towards positivity as we dive into what's going right this month.


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Get Creative - Your Mental Health Needs It

Mental Health

Ever find yourself craving your favorite song when you're feeling down? New research suggests that there's a reason for it. While activities like meditation and spending time in nature have long been linked to positive mental states, creative pursuits like listening to music, dancing, and making art are showing the same benefits

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Carbon Neutral 101 With Climate Neutral Certified

Understanding Climate Neutral and bambu certified

"Climate Neutral." It sounds nice, but what does it mean? This short video cuts through the noise to explain exactly what these two words mean- and how they might be able to stop Climate Change in its tracks.

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Be Green This Halloween

Be green and no waste this Halloween

Spooky Season is here, and October 31st (Halloween) is a few weeks away. This year, make sure the seasonal fun doesn't have scary repercussions on the planet. This guide has you covered with tips and tricks to enjoy the holiday without waste.