Bamboo Tableware

Set your table with certified organic bamboo tableware. Our hand-finished collection of bamboo tongs, tabletop utensils, and trays make every meal a special occasion. Durable and attractive, bamboo tableware is designed to hold up to everyday use while looking event-ready. From unique utensils made for serving condiments, to coffee trays for relaxed mornings, our bamboo tableware collection will add the perfect touch of nature to your home and mealtime.

Shouldn’t your tableware be as clean as the food you’re serving and eating? We think so, which is why we designed a line of bamboo serving and eating tools that are free of chemicals and dyes. Sourced from our wild-grown bamboo forest in the Fujian Province of China, renewable bamboo is a naturally occurring alternative to petroleum-based tableware made from plastic or silicone. Our bamboo is certified USDA organic every year, and every piece we made is hand finished for a warm, smooth feel that you’ll love to use.

The Bambu line of tableware was thoughtfully crafted to elevate daily use items. Whether you’re enjoying a long-awaited gathering or simply sharing a quick dinner during a busy week, our durable and attractive bamboo tableware will help you celebrate time spent around the table. These pieces transition effortlessly between indoor and outdoor use. A drop and shatter-proof alternative to ceramic, this durable material is a great choice for families with younger children. With simple care, bamboo tableware will last you for years to come. And if you do need to refresh your bamboo tongs or other pieces, a simple rub with our all-natural finishing oil will have them looking like-new in no time at all.

When your bamboo tableware is ready to be retired, it’s naturally biodegradable. Unlike other materials that can be difficult to recycle, and would otherwise last for years in landfills, our 100% Biobased bamboo tableware will return back to the soil once it’s life in your home is over.

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'Adjust-A-Bowl' Cork Fabric Bowl, Small


'Adjust-A-Bowl' Cork Fabric Bowl, Medium


Bamboo Serving Tray with angled sides on a white background.

Bamboo Serving Tray, Rectangle


Large bamboo serving tray angled - bambu

Bamboo Serving Tray, Large Rectangle


Condiment Cups, Small (set of 4) - bambu

Bamboo Condiment Cups, Small (set of 4)


Large bamboo condiment cup is shown on a white background.

Bamboo Condiment Cup, Large


Short Salad Servers - bambu

Short Bamboo Salad Servers


Bamboo Serving Spoon, made from a single piece of bamboo. Serve salad, grains, or casseroles with ease.

Bamboo Serving Spoon


Tiny Tools, set of 5 includes a Teaspoon, Tiny Tong, Scoop, Spreader, and Honey Dipper.

Bamboo Tiny Tools, set of 5


A set of five bamboo teaspoons are shown on a white background

Bamboo Teaspoons (set of 5)


A set of five 7" bamboo spreaders are shown on a white background.

Bamboo Spreaders (set of 5)


Bamboo mini spreaders for cheese, jam, and spreads. Set of 5.

Mini Bamboo Spreaders, set of 5


Organic Bamboo Honey Dipper - bambu

Bamboo Honey Dipper


Set of 3 Bamboo Tongs includes one each Large, Small and Tiny Tongs.

Bamboo Tongs Set (Large, Small and Tiny)


Tiny Tongs (set of 4) - bambu

Bamboo Tiny Tongs (set of 4)


Small tongs, set of 3 - bambu

Bamboo Tongs, Small (set of 3)


Large Bamboo Tongs - bambu

Bamboo Tongs, Large


Small bamboo tongs - bambu

Bamboo Tongs, Small


Our favorite bamboo tableware sets

Set of five reusable bamboo chopsticks

Why opt for single-use chopsticks when the reusable alternative is so much better? Our reusable bamboo chopstick sets are made from a single piece of USDA certified organic bamboo. Carefully hand-finished for smooth, splinter-free use, you’ll love how these natural utensils look and feel in your hands. Bamboo has been used as an ingredient and cooking material in Asian cultures for centuries, and it’s only natural to use this durable material to enjoy your meals, too.

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