Recreate Responsibly

Recreate Responsibly

Recreate Responsibly is a nationwide campaign to encourage people who are heading to the outdoors, to do it sensibly and respectfully during these challenging and difficult times. 

'Minimal Impact' is core to the idea of Recreate Responsibly. Shop our best selling Grubware® and Veneeware® lines, plus selected products ideal for enjoying the outdoors responsibly.

Read our Guide for Enjoying the Outdoors Responsibly to learn before you go.

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Eat/Drink Tool Kit


Utensil Set with Eco-Conscious Pouch


Bamboo Cutlery Set: Spoon, Knife & Fork

Reusable Bamboo Spoon, Knife & Fork Set


bamboo trail spoon - bambu

Long Handle Bamboo Spoon


Large Spork

Large Bamboo Spork


Bamboo Spork Set: Spork & Cork

Bamboo Spork Set: Spork & Cork


Bamboo Sporks (Set of 4)


Reusable Bamboo Spoons, Set of 2


Reusable Bamboo Forks, Set of 2


Classic Bamboo Cutting/Bar Board


Reusable Bamboo Straws set of 6

Reusable Bamboo Straws, Original Green, set of 6


Reusable Bamboo Jumbo Straws - bambu

Reusable Jumbo Bamboo Straws, set of 4

$5.85 $6.50

Reusable Short Bamboo Straws set of 6

Reusable Short Bamboo Straws, set of 6


Precision Reusable Bamboo Straws

Precision Reusable Bamboo Straws, set of 6


Veneerware® Fancy Bamboo Plates

from $9.90

Veneerware® Square Bamboo Plates

from $9.90

Veneerware® Round Bamboo Plates

from $9.90

Veneerware® Bamboo Knife, Fork, Spoon Sets

Veneerware® certified organic 24-piece bamboo cutlery set