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Bamboo Skewers. A greener packaging solution

Bamboo skewers are one of those essential kitchen and outdoor cooking tools. However, skewer packaging is not!  If you are like us, you've experienced the cheap plastic bag, that inevitably splits and breaks, and leaves you with lost skewers rolling around loose.  

We saw an opportunity to 'make it better' by overhauling the packaging. 

We got rid of the plastic. We ditched the staples. We eliminated the tape. We got it boxed! 



And we came up with a package that serves two purposes. On the inside, in addition to selecting consistent, splinter-free bamboo sticks [we did that], we added a simple graphic that turns this skewer box into a reusable gift box. 


Artist Wendy MacNaughton from SF did the fabulous illustrations for us. Wendy is a true talent. Check out more of her wonderful work here. Thanks Wendy!


During April, FREE with every order, bambu is including a box of skewers. Our gift to you to celebrate Earth Day.....we mean, Earth Month.


Skewer something good up. Put in your order of any size on bambuShop, and we'll include a box of 100 skewers. No code, no asking. Just because.  More info on our bamboo skewers is here

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