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Sustainable sourcing - brought to you by Chipotle (again)

The quality and source of your ingredients is not a new story for brands to tell. But it is an important one. And increasingly it has relevance to people today.

This one brilliantly told by Chipotle with the help of Fiona Apple (animal rights activist and vegan) singing 'Pure Imagination' it is a sad and dark day in the industrial farming world of Crow Foods. The world of mechanic crows, sad downtrodden faces, industrialized farming, and food like foodstuff. There's power in this simple message. 

'If You Want To Change The World, There's Nothing To It'

A memorable and meaningful film from Chipotle (again). NPR writes a good review here

Again. We say again, because if you haven't watched Back To The Start, then do it now. A moving animated film with a similar message to the heartfelt voice of Willie Nelson. 

Chipotle is a brand taking a stand. And we applaud the work. The idea of sustainable sourcing is central to our value set here at bambu. Granted, it is a national fast food chain, but you get the feeling that what we are seeing (and feeling),is not simply some contrived BS hatched by the marketing department. It runs deeper. 

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