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bambu partners with Airstream

bambu partners with Airstream

Airstream joins with Bambu

At first glance, it may appear to be an odd partnership. But below the surface, it's about making quality products that help people appreciate the natural environment. 

Airstream travel trailers are an American icon, getting people on their way since the 1930s. They have remained true to their roots and have retained a design aesthetic that is uniquely their own. 'We are fans. And like Airstream, creating and holding true to a design aesthetic is important to us here at bambu, as well. 

They invented new ways of doing things that resulted in a superior product, and their obsession with improving their product is a quality that endures and one that we admire.

East meets West

You can read the full article, 'bambu blends East and West' with an interview with bambu co-founder, Jeff Delkin here

“We wanted to turn people on to renewable materials – that became our raison d’etre,” Jeff says about their purpose.

The article says, '....with a steadfast commitment to sustainability through all aspects of their business, bambu® owners Jeff Delkin and partner Rachel Speth have no qualms about their low-tech, high-touch process that results in the affordable, eco-friendly food prep and dining products at the core of their business. It's simply the right way for them to approach their business.'

“We’ve termed it ‘handmadeness’,” Jeff goes on to say in describing their focus on producing high-quality handcrafted products made from natural resources. 

"We really wanted to create an enduring brand that would live on and inspire other businesses as well,” adds Jeff.

Bamboo Spoons

Read more about bambu and other brand stories at Air Stream Supply.

As they say, 'get inspired for your next adventure.'



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