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Marrying Style and Sustainability: bambu®’s Disposable Wedding Plates

Marrying Style and Sustainability: bambu®’s Disposable Wedding Plates

One of the most important elements of your wedding reception is your table setting, complete with flowers, a custom menu and place settings. Rustic and outdoor weddings are all the rage now, not only for the beautiful and unique venues, but also for the lower cost.

bambu®’s disposable wedding plates look sleek and modern, giving your table an upscale look without a high cost. In addition to being eco-friendly and biodegradable, bambu® plates make things easy so you can throw them away worry-free at the end of the evening.  

Benefits of bambu® disposable wedding plates:

  • Easy clean up
  • Guilt-free: eco-friendly + biodegradable
  • Elegant, high-end design
  • Consistent coloring plate to plate
  • Versatile design with neutral palette
  • Affordable
  • Durable

Why bambu® plates?

Our line of Veneerware® disposable, bamboo plates has simple, clean lines and can be used for many different wedding themes. The neutral color scheme will not compete with your choice of flowers or table cloth and can be used with silver, gold or reusable flatware. The possibilities are endless!

bambu® plates are a sustainable choice for the eco-conscious couple. They’re durable and micro-bacterial so they will hold up all dinner long without becoming flimsy or soaking through. Bamboo is a great choice compared to paper or plastic environmentally, and looks more stylish with the decor at your event. Our plates have a modern design and the coloration remains consistent plate to plate with no blotches or unevenness.

Bamboo is a renewable resource, so you don’t have to feel bad throwing your plates away. Only Bambu's Veneerware brand of plates is made from certified organic bamboo, and is compost approved.

Appetizers & Cocktail Hour

Planning on having appetizers or a cocktail hour at your wedding? Keep your design consistent by using bambu® for your food and drink needs that goes perfectly with your selected bambu® dinnerware.

bambu® offers a selection of small plates, tasting sporks, and disposable utensils your guests can use and throw away guilt-free. These little touches make a big impact on the aesthetic of your wedding as well as minimizing your environmental footprint.

Wedding Reception

Many couples are opting for a more informal gathering to meet friends and family the night before the big day. Our eco-friendly disposable plates are great for a wedding reception before you say I do. They provide an upscale look to any event, make cleaning up easy, and keep you on budget.

Disposable Wedding Plate Styles: Round, Fancy & Square

When choosing the right disposable wedding plates for your event we have different sizes and designs available. If you can’t decide between our options online, order a sample pack to see the quality, size and shapes in person and try them out at home. Our sample box includes plates in each style and size along with flatware.

Round: Classic style with a large variety of sizes for a bread plate, salad plate and standard dinner plate. Shop Round Veneerware®.

Fancy: Disposable plate with extra flair, complete with a scalloped edge. This style comes in two sizes: 11’’ for dinner and 7’’ for salad or dessert. Shop Fancy Veneerware®.

Square: For a more modern look explore our selection of square disposable wedding plates. Our square plates come in four different sizes to choose from. Shop Square Veneerware®.

Looking for inspiration and more wedding ideas, go to our Wedding Inspiration page. 

If you have any questions about choosing the right plates for your wedding, feel free to contact us and we can help you make the best selection for your event.


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