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The Spork: A Backpacking Essential

The Spork: A Backpacking Essential

The Spork: an innovative combination of a Spoon and a Fork. The spork has seen many different designs, materials and uses since its documented invention in 1874. But one thing is for sure, the basic concept has remained the same: A multi-use utensil making eating on the go easy!

Why have sporks become a staple to any backpacker or camper worth their salt? Mainly because they are lightweight, versatile and compact.  But, as in most things, not all sporks are made equal.

Spork Week:

At bambu®, we have an entire week dedicated to the spork. This innovative product has captured our imaginations as we looked to transform scraps of bamboo into useful tools. If we had an iconic product it would be the spork--being the first to design and offer the spork in bamboo.

This year we recognize the spork’s importance in the outdoor industry. With rangers buying cases to take back to the woods and the marine implications of plastic’s negative impact on the environment, it’s time for the bamboo spork to reign. With a line of 7 sporks to choose from, we have a spork for every occasion.

Choose the Best Spork for Your Next Adventure

Backpacking Spork

Ultra Lightweight Backpacking Spork:

As the name implies, when choosing lightweight backpacking utensils and gear for your pack everything must be light and essential for your trip. So, instead of packing both a spoon and fork, pack a spork. Our bamboo, backpacking spork is as lightweight as it gets, but don’t let the weight deceive you, our bamboo sporks are made to last. Bamboo is harder than wood and don’t worry about it breaking in your pack--Our Spork and Cork takes care of that with an equally lightweight traveling case keeping your spork safe and clean.

camping spork

Multi-Day Camping Spork:

When packing for an overnight or multiple day camping adventure dehydrated food or solid food is a must. A camping spork won’t take up much room and will be all you need for couscous, ramen and more. If you’re camping with your family and friends there will be plenty of sporks to go around with this Set of 4 Sporks. And after the camping trip is over or when you are packing out, you can throw away your spork knowing it is biodegradable or keep it for your next trip.

Camping Spork

Frequent Traveler Spork:

Are you always setting off on a new adventure? A spork is easy to keep in your travel bag so you never find yourself without an eating utensil. From fast food to airport food, a spork will be all you need, when you need it. Although compostable, our bamboo sporks are also reusable, and will last for many trips to come.

Bamboo Spork vs. Plastic Spork:

Sporks are made of many materials, but one of the most common materials is plastic for its durability, affordability and lightweight attributes. However, with plastic negatively impacting our environment, more outdoor enthusiasts are looking to make less of an impact on their next trip.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic. Our bamboo backpacking spork is a great example of a more environmental choice that is not only biodegradable but renewable. To enjoy the great outdoors we have a responsibility to respect the environment and bamboo is an economic and sustainable choice.

Like all of our bamboo utensils, they are anti-microbial, so you can wash and reuse.

Camping Sporks

Why Choose a bambu® Spork?

Our spork design combines the best functionality of both a spoon and a fork, giving you a larger range of uses than traditional sporks with only one end acting as a shallow spoon and short pronged fork. But if you can’t resist the classics we have that too with an improved design--longer handle and all. In addition to the modern design, our backpacking sporks are lightweight, affordable, durable, compact and eco-friendly. If those reasons weren’t enough, here is what our customers are saying about bambu® sporks:

 “These are so cute and easy to use! I love taking them on the go as they don’t take up any bag space” - Sunni C about Sporks

bamboo sporks review

“The sporks are pocket friendly, convenient and reusable. Highly recommend!” -Judith S. about Cork and Spork

bambu sporks

Choose the best spork for your next adventure from one of our 7 innovative designs. And enjoy Spork Week!