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Like Minds series - Social Business - Muhammad Yunus

 We’re inspired by many. There are a number of good people doing good things in the world around us. People and groups who are focused on a cause, provide a unique insight into the world, serve others, and solve problems. We’ll regularly be sharing with our community these organizations and people who catch our attention, stretch our thinking and shape...
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The Open Secret of Success: Toyota: The New Yorker

Although the New Yorker is a favorite read, I do not often think of it as a top source for business news. But as the New Yorker often does, it surprises me. This particular article caught my attention. And imagination. The Open Secret of Success: Toyota: The New YorkerIt's an interesting snapshot to the well known methods of management in...
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US Tour - Out of Las Vegas

Well, we got out of Las Vegas intact. Our US tour was capped by an exceptional show at the Gourmet Housewares Show at the Sands. While, Las Vegas is probably the most unsustainable place on the planet, it was a treat to be able to tell our story and present our product line to so many interested retailers and press...
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GOOD Magazine | The China Issue

We love GOOD magazine, one of the better new magazines focused on making the world a better place. We picked up the latest issue when in the US. It's probably obvious why. Good speaks the truth, and as it states below, the onslaught of media focus on China begins.. GOOD Magazine | The China Issue In just a few months,...
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