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bambu 'Love To Spoon' Instagram Photo Contest is On!

bambu 'Love To Spoon' Instagram Photo Contest is On!

So how do you spoon? Let's rephrase that. What are all the things you can do with a wooden spoon? Or even better, what are the uses you can find or do with a bamboo spoon. Around the kitchen, in the home, outside, We want to know!

We got really inspired when we read this post, 11 Things You Can Do with a Spoon. So, back to you readers, 'What Can You Do With a Bamboo Spoon?' Show us and win a $50 Gift Certificate. Here's how.

Show us How You Spoon—Submit a photo of your spoon, spork or spatula in action, along with a description or caption. Simply, Instagram your photo using our hashtag #Love2Spoon and tag us @bambuliving.

Each week, for 4 weeks, we will give away a $50 Gift Certificate to the most popular submissions. Plus, here's the kicker, all entries get 15% off their next order.

 Remember to hashtag your photos #love2spoon

 Go ahead, and submit your idea and your spoon, or spatula, or spork. 

"Never underestimate flatware"

 - Artis the Spoonman 


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