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Issue No. 13 | The Shift

Ready for some good news? Us too. Join us in a shift towards positivity as we dive into what's going right this month.

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7 Health-Boosting Reasons To Get Some Sunshine Today

The mental and physical benefits of getting your vitamin D are great. From lowering your blood pressure to helping you sleep better, there are so many ways that spending time under the sun can benefit you. Just don't forget your SPF and a great sun hat!

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Kiss The Ground

Sometimes, an answer to climate issues feels entirely out of reach. But what if the solution is right beneath your feet? Kiss The Ground proves that even the places we think are beyond repair aren't without hope. Find this documentary on Netflix for a feel-good movie night!

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Discover Local Food This Summer

 Even if you don't have the time or the space to grow your own food, you can still enjoy the fruits of fresh, local produce. Use the USDA Local Food Directory to find farmers' markets, CSA programs, and even on-site farm stands in your area. We can guarantee that it'll make grocery shopping more fun, and more sustainable.

What We're Excited About This Month...

Celebrating with loved ones.

After several summers of postponed events, this year is shaping up to have the most weddings and events in history. In the spirit of (eco-friendly) love, we're sharing our top tips for celebrations of all sizes and budgets.

Inspiration for the special day.

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Your Guide To Finding The Best Spork For Outdoor Adventures
Half spoon, half fork– the compact spork has long been a favorite eating utensil of nature enthusiasts. And titanium sporks often get all the fame. But are they really the best choice?

One Last Bit Of Good News...

Each month, The Shift shares positive gains within the environmental movement, gives you tips to create an eco-friendly lifestyle, and shares the stories of changemakers that are using their voices for good.