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Issue No. 12 | The Shift

Ready for some good news? Us too. Join us in a shift towards positivity as we dive into what's going right this month.

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The World's Largest Wildlife Crossing Will Soon Span One Of California's Biggest Freeways

On Earth Day, ground was broken on a new project that will reconnect two wildlife habitats in California. The Wallis Anneberg Wildlife Crossing will be the largest in the world. And once it's complete, it will provide essential access for mountain lions, deer, and many other species to breed and hunt between two mountain ranges that the freeway runs between.

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The Last Tepui

The Amazon rainforest has long been known for its exotic species and immense biodiversity. But there are some places that even the boldest scientists can't get to. At least not on their own. In The Last Tepui, a world-renown scientist teams up with a fearless rock climber to explore a new habitat hidden in the sky. 

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Join The Buzz and Participate In No Mow May

Did you know that traditional, perfectly manicured lawns are often harmful to wildlife? Because well-maintained grass is often treated with pesticides and lacks a diversity of plant life, lawns are hard places for bees to thrive. By participating in No Mow May, you can give pollinators a leg up during one of their most important seasons!

What We're Doing This Month...

Easy Icebox Cookies

Celebrating the return of summer

It's time for backyard BBQs and nights under the stars. And we couldn't be more excited to start spending our weekends enjoying the great outdoors. To get prepared, we're revisiting our favorite outdoor recipes and tips.

Let's Get Back To Nature

From The Blog...

Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning: Do's And Don'ts
Approach your yearly reset consciously with tips that will help you refresh without feeding the landfill in the process.

Care Guide: How To Use + Care For Our Cleaning Tools
These aren't like your typical cleaning tools– and for good reason. This is everything you need to know to keep your plastic-free sponges, brushes, and dishcloths looking great.

One Last Bit Of Good News...

Each month, The Shift shares positive gains within the environmental movement, gives you tips to create an eco-friendly lifestyle, and shares the stories of changemakers that are using their voices for good.