USDA Certified Organic Bamboo Sporks

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Set of 4 bamboo sporks from bambu

Bamboo Sporks (Set of 4)


Veneerware® Bamboo Sporks pack of 24

Veneerware® Bamboo Sporks


Bamboo Spork Set: Spork & Cork

Bamboo Spork Set: Spork & Cork


The Eat/Drink Tool Kit includes a bamboo straw (with cleaning brush), a pair of chopsticks, a mini spork, and a full-size knife, fork and spoon set. All packaged in an organic cotton mesh drawstring bag.

Eat/Drink Tool Kit


Large Spork with handle from bambu.

Large Bamboo Spork

$5.10 $6.00

Bambu Kids Spork has a spoon on one end, and a fork on the other.

Kid's Bamboo Spork (18M+)