Recreate Responsibly

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Eat/Drink Tool Kit


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Utensil Set with Eco-Conscious Pouch


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Reusable Bamboo Spoon, Knife & Fork Set


Recreate Responsibly is a nationwide campaign to encourage people who are heading to the outdoors, to do it sensibly and respectfully during these challenging and difficult times. 

'Minimal Impact' is core to the idea of Recreate Responsibly. Shop our best selling Grubware® and Veneeware® lines, plus selected products ideal for enjoying the outdoors responsibly.

Read our Guide for Enjoying the Outdoors Responsibly to learn before you go.

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Bamboo Pot Scrapers (Set of 4)


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Classic Bamboo Cutting & Serving Boards

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Tongs, Large


Take the natural beauty and durable quality of bambu products into the great outdoors. The bambu Outdoor range of camping utensils and tools are designed for cooking in the great outdoors. Food tastes better when you prepare it in nature, and bambu Outdoor offers the only USDA certified organic kitchen tools to get the job done. Whether you’re looking for multi-purpose camping utensils or basic tools, our collection offers a selection of thoughtfully crafted items that thrive in the outdoors.

'A Business for Good' brand film. The back story about bambu® and its founders.

One company's story about creating a sustainable business that prioritizes people, product, and planet over profits. The business principles which distinguish bambu® are revealed in this film. Cofounders, Jeffrey Delkin and Rachel Speth founded this eco-business on the core purpose of turning people onto renewables, and plant-based solutions, and reduce our reliance and use of plastic. This has been the business mission since 2003