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Cold Icy Mornings - Bamboo Pot Scraper Use #15

There is a pretty good chance you're waking up to icy cold mornings. Winter is here. It's just a matter of degree (pun intended) depending on where you live. It probably means bundling up and having to tackle a frozen car windshield before you hit the road.

You can buy a plastic ice scraper, but who really needs another piece of plastic hanging around your life for the rest of the year. And flimsy credit cards aren't your best tool either. It wasn't until a customer of ours told us that we already had the perfect tool to scrap ice quickly and easily. Our bamboo pot scraper. 

The compact size slips into your pocket, fits firmly in your hand. Is it up to the task of clearing the ice from your windshield? You bet. 

This seemingly simple tool accomplishes a lot. We call it a Pot Scraper, but as we also state on the package below. 'It's Not Just A Pot Scraper' 

It has four different radius in each corner aiding in getting into corners. It's made from a single piece of bamboo. No glues, nothing to come apart. It is arguably the simplest tool we make..... and the most useful.

Need to get wax off your tabletop?   Yup. It does that too. 

A shimmy for the wobbly table leg?   Fixes that too. 

And it definitely cleans up stubborn pots and pans too. It might even last as long too. 

Nearly indispensable.  Get em at the bambu Shop. A set of 4 for $9.

Or you can also select them in a set with our handy dandy Sporks. We call it the Scarf N Scrape available here.

 Bamboo Pot Scraper Display 

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