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The Trash Tour

We love it when we learn about someone's unwavering passion to address a big problem. When we heard about Adi Carter we had no choice. We had to share our support. And along with Whole Foods and Pangea Organics, we're sponsoring Adi and her wonderous awareness raising trash tour.

Adi is a yoga instructor and she hits the road this week for a three month tour. She will be teaching and traveling with her trash to call attention to a more sustainable way of living. Everything goes with her.

She's inspired (and so are we) by the work of the Cambodian Children's Fund which is focused on getting children out of poverty and the dump sites and into schools. Her dedication exemplifies The Power of One concept as she makes her way around the country. We'll be following her footsteps over the coming months.

Check out Adi's Trash Tales

And here's a wonderful short film entitled, The Story of Stuff, and illuminating look at our throw-away habits.

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