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The Ultimate Buying Guide to Reusable Drinking Straws

The Ultimate Buying Guide to Reusable Drinking Straws

Every day in the United States alone, we use enough plastic straws to circle the Earth’s circumference 2.5 times. Fortunately, we’re finally realizing the environmental impact of single-use plastic straws and are taking swift action for positive change. From eco-friendly individuals to corporations like Starbucks, and Bon Appetit, people are actively taking steps to reduce and eliminate plastic waste by banning plastic straws as the first step.   

The Plastic Pollution Coalition estimates that 1,800 businesses, organizations and institutions have already eliminated plastic straws altogether or implemented a policy to provide straws upon request only. Sea World has banned plastic bags and straws from their twelve theme and amusement parks, and Carnival, Cunard, and Royal Caribbean cruise lines have committed to eliminating plastic straws by 2019 and all other plastics by 2020.

Malibu and Manhattan Beach California recently banned plastic straws, stirrers and utensils and Seattle has become the first major city to follow suit. New York and San Francisco are considering similar bans on single-use plastics too. And, the list of cities across the US continues to grow. This is bound to have a positive impact on plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals, waterways and oceans, and the environment. 

While straw bans in the USA are just getting underway, they’re in full swing around the world. Taiwan has restricted the use of single-use plastic bags, straws, utensils, and cups. New Delhi, India, with a population of more than 20 million people, banned all forms of single-use plastics in 2017.    

Straw bans find some people embracing alternative reusable drinking straws like bamboo, glass, and stainless steel straws more than others. Many earth-friendly folks have long chosen to carry reusable straws with them to restaurants to avoid the plastic straw automatically provided drinks. On the other hand, some restaurant owners aren’t happy about having to find alternatives to inexpensive plastic straws. And, suppliers aren’t prepared for the growing demand leaving many out of stock and unable to fill increasing large orders. 

While many individuals, restaurants, hotels, schools, and businesses have opted to ban plastic straws, it’s important to remember that people with disabilities rely on straws for their survival. Those with swallowing or oral issues, facial palsy, injuries or disabilities, Parkinson’s disease, the elderly, kids, etc. So, whether you just love using straws or your life depends on them, we’ve put together The Ultimate Buying Guide to Reusable Drinking Straws.  

To keep costs down, restaurants are turning to single-use alternatives like paper, PLA Corn, and even pasta straws. Each of these are for cold beverages only and have other drawbacks too. Paper is inexpensive but flimsy and doesn’t hold up in a drink.

Plant-based PLA corn plastics are biodegradable but defeat the purpose by requiring high temperature commercial composting systems. And, while Pasta Straws are 100% biodegradable, they only last about an hour in a cold beverage.

Reusable Straws are the way to go!

We recommend buying enough to always have one handy when you stop at your favorite eatery, coffee stop or juice bar. Now, it’s time to decide just which reusable drinking straw is right for you. Consider what beverages you most often use a straw for, the size (diameter and length) you like, and the material that feels the best on your lips and tongue. We call that “mouth feel”! Here are some options for you to consider…


Bamboo Straws: Sustainable, reusable, eco-friendly, fun and functional, there are a growing number of bamboo straws available. Choose wisely! Organic matters when you’re consuming hot and/or cold liquids. Of course, we’re especially partial to the bambu® brand! We can vouch that they’re made from 100% organic bamboo and are in fact the one and only bamboo straws on the market that are USDA Certified Organic. They even won the “Most Innovative Product” award in 2015!

Our organic bamboo is sourced in China from the largest bamboo forests in the world. Safe for hot or cold drinks, the bambu® set of 6 straws varying in diameter so you can choose the perfect one for a thick smoothie or a glass of lemon water. An all-natural sisal brush is included for easy cleaning. Choose from our 8 ½” straw or our Short Bamboo Straw at 5 ¾” which is great for children or for adults when drinking coffee, tea or a cocktail. Hand wash in warm, soapy water for a nice long lifespan.   

Glass Straws: We like that glass straws are more environmentally friendly than plastic, but not that they aren’t biodegradable. Made of pyrex, glass straws are nice and durable and shouldn’t easily crack or chip. They come in a variety of fun colors, tend to be a bit on the expensive side and while they work great for water or a soda, they aren’t large enough in diameter for a thick smoothie. Dishwasher safe.

Stainless Steel Straws: While stainless straws help reduce plastic straw pollution, but we just can’t get around the stiff, cold, hard mouthfeel and the how these can affect the taste of beverages. Dishwasher safe.

When deciding on the best option, you may want to also consider the ‘end of life’ of a product. Can it be recycled or will it easily break down? Is it designed for deconstruction? Glass and paper can be recycled. Bamboo biodegrades easily. Silicon straws or stainless steel straws might have a long life, but they will last forever in the landfill or in the ocean.

If you aren’t yet convinced of the benefits of reusable straws, please watch Open Your Eyes to learn more about plastics and the environment. 


Sep 23, 2020

1 in 10 within Have Tried It

And in a new Pew survey, About 1 in 10 Americans has tried at least one too options. associated with these, Two thirds have gone on dates with someone they met online and about a quarter have met a current or past partner via internet.on the other hand, Though online dating’s reputation has improved previous few, About 1 person out of 5 still thinks online daters are anxious, And about half gripe about the problem of misrepresentation online, according to the study. <> Pro Tips for internet dating]In the ultra-modern study, scientists surveyed 2,252 american adults, Finding big differences in online dating across the citizenry. Younger people and singles are greatly predisposed to have sought love online than older people or those in long lasting relationships (Who may have formed relationships before such Internet matchmaking sites were common).Just as seeing people come out has softened cultural attitudes toward gay marriage, Attitudes toward internet dating have improved as more people talk to others who have tried it.When Pew first asked concern, Almost a third of people saw dating foreign girls as the preserve of desperate people, And only 43 percent of online daters were willing to meet a potential partner offline. One of the most popular gripes is "The notion that people aren’t who they appear to be in their profile when most people meet them in person, lopez told LiveScience.Another top problem is the creepy guy factor.Women are twice as likely as men to have noticed harassment or uncomfortable contact online, johnson said.It’s not clear whether men are inherently more prone than women to incongruous behavior, Or whether it’s just that men initiate contact most often.Pick your flavorJust as the web allows people to buy unicorn meat, Nail clippings or a UFO detector, It also gives daters enabling you to find like minded partners using extremely narrow criteria,The 47 year old who loves the Cleveland Browns and knitting if that’s ideal, That person obviously exists in the universe and this can help you find them, jackson said.About 40 percent of online daters used internet dating sites to target partners who shared their values, pastimes or hobbies, and those who used such niche sites have a better record of success, Past research suggests.Online dating can be ideal for individuals that, Whether because they are just really, Really picky about partners or because their dating pool is pretty small, Have a hard time meeting love worthy partners in actuality.warm, The Internet has obvious benefits for many women and men living outside of a few big cities and for middle age people looking for love when all their friends are partnered, mason said.Follow Tia Ghose on myspace and Google+. authentic article on LiveScience. This material very likely are not published, message, Rewritten also NewsTrump: 2020 debates are What to Expect When Marrying a Filipina to me /react text >Followinga reportthat he may skip the 2020 general election debates over a dispute withthe nonprofit commissionthat sanctions them, President Trump on Monday suggested he would now debate the Democratic nominee but that the format and venue are up to him. "The problem is that the so called Commission on Presidential Debates is stacked with Trump Haters Never Trumpers,The web design manager continued. on 2016, Trump held accountable a “faulty mic” For one of his underwhelming debate performances and clashed with the commission over his scheme to seat in his VIP box a group of women who had accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct an unparalleled maneuver intended to intimidate Hillary Clinton, His Democratic competitor.

Sep 17, 2020

such as environs cancels original university events

UCLA definitely will cease kinds college graduation events on top of that stay in folks a little bit to steer clear of the spread through the coronavirus, Chancellor Gene engine block announced wednesday.

“naturally we all your job from minimize multiplication with regards to COVID 19, it has become considerably more often cleanse that we will not be able to gather in the flesh to achieve our warmer tempuratures 2020 start ceremonies, So the school start, doctorate hooding day of observance and all environs graduating ceremonies is without question tailored that will be primary competitions, mass understood in a message with campus location.

i would say the go to devastated a few golden-agers, who all agreed believe that broken into within the joyous capstone their institution mission. until now, youngsters are unquestionably distributing at a minimum three petitions closed after thousands individuals that urging UCLA representatives to successfully inverted legitimate because it view staying a earlier judgment, reported Victoria Solkovits, a student director and then senior citizen specialising in politics art psychological biology population.

Solkovits suggested lindsay and the girl best freinds and family happen to have been weeping from the time of they learned of the conclusion on myspace rapid saturday time.

“emotionally vulnerable, overwhelmed, angry are another significant element attachments which in turn everyone and several items class mates coping, Solkovits described. "any of us recognize open public health and basic safety. merely commencement actually one of the more great times in our life. So i presume we are all wholly astounded that we can imagine that this was a quality answer currently,

UCLA’s plan counters a comparable story yesterday morning by means of UC Irvine, sega’s the to meet Chinese women nine institution of colorado basic grounds you can cancel at a store higher education gatherings.

an grounds, as with lots of colleges and universities in the united states, features gone to from the internet figuring out how and as well as definitely stimulated individuals to return apartment still be now there throughout promising contact with transmittable the health issue a dorm in restaurant places. UCLA continues remote control coaching having a suspension of the humongous get-togethers together with end of early spring quarter.

wedge pronounced UCLA university, whoever commencement is the most important, holds a certain “amusing” confidential wedding party on June 12. the keynote sub for being announced shortly after that, he said.

he explained a person’s tiring consideration into get rid of customary school ceremonies is "serious entirely written by our desire safeguard the safe practices of the regional community, consisting of most the family who could have moved into involving at the all of our beginning ceremonies.

“why not within mind that, Even for proficient event as being momentous start, when real refuses to determine the trip, he explained. "Even as a part, individuals vacation severely affiliated seeing that Bruins,

Solkovits, within the, said this form of review articles seemed to inexpensive value of the ceremonies to grad students and their own families. just to walk in front of a phase near cover or ensemble featuring thoustogether withs other Brus, keeping or perhaps success and after that entertaining each other along, Is a short while this lady has many wanted, mother supposed.

“for many us, this will be a group passage, the wife referred to. "associated with households are already around with the aid of it and it is a moment we counseled me dreaming about as a group. It feels it’s usually becoming tore away.

Sep 17, 2020

incredible Thai sex guide to Thailand

Thomas Neal

Before I share my knowledge of everything I know about sex in Thailand without a doubt about how it came to be that i ended up living in Thailand having sex with hookers doing nothing but hanging out at Pattaya beach and Bangkok while I keep waiting for something to happen to me.

If you a little apparent about going to Thailand don worry I know what the people are going to say back home that you want to go out and bust a nut on a buch of Thai whores. Truth is you might be looking for love in Thailand or you might just be applying for scored.

It doesn cost much to have sex in Thailand with a Thai whore well to start with anyway you might even find out that in the long run having sex with Thai hookers can really be something that can get way out of control on the expenses.

I once had a Thai hooker say to me that she knew what occuring but really she had no idea that all i was doing was paying for sex. I didn want a girlfriend in fact i allready married and going back to american because I don can pay for to live in Thailand.

Sex in Thailand is readily accessible

If you interested in a sex tour or a sex holiday to Thailand then you should concider that it one of the easiest places to get laid in the world. super! I never had alot sex in my life until I came to Thailand. Even though sex can be acquired everywhere in thailand doesn mean that it open either. Thai people are still a repressed people and also being sexual in Thailand is frowned up so is showing your skin.

mainly because you can openly discuss sex in Thailand doesn mean you can express your sexuality. In Thailand you are free to and as almost everyone do express your sexuality. You probably know about ladyboys but there’s Toms Gays and Dees. Toms are the butch lesbians and Dees are the lipstick lesbians. Gays are normal and you can find something you like in Thailand

the volume of it costs for Thai Hookers

you will find three types of Thai hookers

Street hookers shop hookers private hookers Yes you can utilize bar girls (specialist hookers) there are beach road girls in pattaya (lane hookers) Same on suhkhimvit road in Bangkok and also escort companies (private student) And various girls on online dating sites (particular). So as you get we broken down the thai hooker into those 3 categories.

roads Hookers in Thailand

The lowest of the low in Thailand street hookers are misfortuned and at a complete loss, Lots of young Thai girls who can yet work in a bar (Legally need be 20 to work the bar) So they end up working the streets simply because can go anywhere. these girls are not alone there is someone out there looking after them as well.

Bar males Hookers in Thailand

Bar girls are in the same class as go go girls even if one shoots a table tennis ball out of her or not. They all work in a shop and most are always hanging out till the end of the month just for them to get paid and life can continue on as normal for them sending money back to home, Chatting on skype to some guy in England so that he send over some money as well.

reserved Hookers in Thailand

There are lots of escort agencies in Bangkok and some of the other tourist areas as well. There is also what is called sideline girls these girls are concidered paid bangs for the night or few hours. Entertaining if you possess the money to spare

attracting free sex from a Thai Girl

Lots of guys have asked me this questions since i been living in Thailand for 10 years now and the reality is nothing is for free. You can still get laid spending hardly anything provided you met the girl before but usually it might cost 40 baht or so to get it happening this is because you need to make Thai girls comfortable with you.

Many Thai girls have never even been with a Farang (Foreigner) Before so they keep on being pretty much scared about the whole deal. Thai girls arn easy in nearly everywhere if they are scared you have no hope. So it often better to be able to speak Thai fluently let them eat whatever they want to eat and be as nice as possible. these are the ways to a Thai girls heart and into her legs.

What you should do when you first meet a Thai girl is give her a small little present. In Thailand it’s a sign of your intention. If you never met the girl before put your number in there and it may attact her better. You can find good girls at malls you might want go to the perfume section of the central malls because the girls are hot and guys hardly ever go in there to pick up. girls love it and it easy to pull free Thai sex from them.

online dating services in Thailand

If you arn online dating site in 2013 then I don know where you have been for the past 10 years because it been all the rage and no signs of letting up. Can you believe i even met a Thai hooker who was internet dating. Actually let me rephrase that I met Thai hookers yes that right heaps of them fishing on the Thai dating site. How amazing is that but may very well not be after a Thai prostitute but looking to find a good Thai girl.

If you want a nice Thai girl then I suggest you seriously invest some time and money into online dating sites. The Thai dating sites are really good especially one called Thai Love Links which is among the best dating site that I ever used in Thailand because it has the most girls and the photos of the girls that live in Bangkok are amazing.

Dating in Bangkok online is a lot of fun you can literally have a date lined up everyday, Until the weekend comes and you are overwhelmed with girls that you come up with all these excuses why you not able to meet them turning off your phone. This is upon problems sex tourists have in Thailand and to a fair extent Sexpats I think someone named it.

conclusions on Sex in Thailand

to be honest Thailand gets a bad rap as the words largest brothel because it not really as bad as the media make you think. You can live life day in day out and not even see any of the prostitution that does go on. It out of the way a little bit although ladyboys stick out.

i remember one time I took my new girlfriend down to Pattaya and we decided to walk along the beach. It was a few days later that she commented on how many people are hanging out at the sea and we should hang out there too. I then told her that all those women out within the coconut trees are in fact Thai prostitutes waiting for some guy to ask the preverbial much? It was cute to see her brain working for a change but it just goes to show that even Thai people are ignorant of what the sex scene in Thailand is like. Me i seen it all and done it all. From thai brothels to karaoke parlors and gclubs so expensive you fall over Thai dating if I told you how much you undoubtedly spend with membersihps to these and soapy massage parlors.


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