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Designing Eco Friendly Products - Conversation Series [Video]

Designing Eco Friendly Products - Conversation Series [Video]

Caught on film. The founders of bambu recently sat down and talked about creating their range of eco friendly products. They respond to questions about how they work, the things they think about in creating sustainable products, and why they started their brand, bambu.

As co-founder Jeff Delkin explained, "We wanted to share with viewers how we work and the process we take in creating environmentally friendly products in China."

The duo cover a few topics in these short clips including, working with renewable resources, designing for production, and designing sustainable products along the entire supply chain.


Filmed in their design & development office in the French Concession in Shanghai, Jeff and Rachel give a brief explanation of their business. bambu was established in 2003. 

 It was a long morning of filming. Things didn't always flow easily and naturally. Here is a short clip of the outtakes from the filming session. You can't help but laugh along.

Jeff and Rachel only covered a tiny bit of what goes on in creating a sustainable brand. Questions are always welcomed and only an email away. 



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Jul 25, 2016

Went through the video tour and gathered ample knowledge of the creation of eco-friendly products.
Many thanks, Jeff and Rachel for bringing into the process with the help of short and crisp clips including designing of these products along the supply chain. It was so crystal clear that I doubt, I will get any doubts in this regard. I emerged as a huge fan of ‘Bambu’ products after viewing your video. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Jane Cristina

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