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Bambu Expands Range with New Product Innovation

Bambu Expands Range with New Product Innovation


Bambu Expands Range with New Product Innovation

Portland, Oregon – April, 2016 – bambu redefines disposable dinnerware with its expanded range of the company’s Veneerware® brand of disposable bamboo dinnerware.

Veneerware is the premier brand of disposable dinnerware. Veneerware offers an elegant and natural accent to any mean or event. Veneerware is the only disposable dinnerware made from certified organic bamboo.

Since the introduction of the premium quality disposable dinnerware in 2003, Veneerware has been preferred choice by caterers, event planners, and dinner hosts, and party makers. Veneerware has been the choice of dinnerware for Hollywood parties, Sundance Film Festival, political dinner parties, campus events, and poolside parties.

Bambu introduces five (5) new products to the line. Three new sizes of bamboo plates expand the range to 8 sizes and shapes of eco plates. The new sizes are square plates (11”, 5” and 3 ½” sizes). The company also introduces a bamboo bowl. The bamboo bowl is in response to customer requests for a bowl that matched the dinnerware. The bowl is 7” diameter and is ideal for salads, sides and desserts. The other new product that rounds out the disposable dinnerware range is a new disposable bamboo tongs. Veneerware tongs are the first and only biodegradable bamboo tongs. These handsome tongs are an elegant and natural alternative to typical, cheap plastic tongs. The Veneerware bamboo tongs are the result of six months of development between bambu and its chief producer and adds to the brand's disposable cutlery range. 

The company also makes compostable utensils under the Veneerware brand name. Bamboo utensils include bamboo forks, bamboo spoons, bamboo knives and bamboo sporks. The company sells its products through retail stores such as Eataly, Whole Foods, New Seasons and other retail stores. Veneerware can also be purchased online at Amazon, or directly from the company at Veneerware is available in both small pack sizes and larger volume packs, as well.

Veneerware products are made from certified sources. The product is also biobased certificated according to the USDA. The USDA rates the biodegradability of certain products and assigns them a percentage reflective of the products ability to biodegrade. Veneerware has been biobased certified 100%. Veneerware is also composted approved.

With roots in Portland, Oregon, since 2003 Bambu has designed, developed and manufactured handcrafted, modern home products made from renewable materials such as bamboo, hemp, cork, coconut and soy. The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China, where it produces more than 150 different products in its own production workshop and partnering facilities, all of which are located close to their raw-materials sources. Its products are sold in more than a dozen countries through diverse retail distribution partnerships in the gift, kitchen, gourmet, grocery and hospitality market segments. The company is a member of Green America, is recognized as a Gold Tier business Green Business Network, and manufactures using organic sources certified by Ceres.