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We're delighted our bambu KIDS products were welcomed with open mouths!!


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Enjoy Your Eco-fabulous Party with Bambu Bamboo! | Safe Alternatives for Baby and Child:


Samantha writes,

I was really amazed at the strength and sturdiness of these plates. You could serve anything on them and trust in them presenting your meal better than any other disposable option out there.

The paper Bambu uses for their packaging is made from FSC-certified sources or is made from 100% post-consumer recycled fibers. All shipping cartons are made from recycled fiber and all of packaging materials are recyclable. And they are expanding the use of soy-based inks across all of our printing. provides a valuable resource for parents. And children. See what others are saying... check out the testimonials.

Samantha and Sandra, keep up the great work. And thanks for the fabulous photos.


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