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Bamboo sightings - Ink and Big

We keep our eyes out for all things bamboo and like to share some of the cooler ideas we discovery. Here are two of the most recent 'bamboo sightings' on each of the coasts. Different interpretations and presentations of bamboo. Pretty inspiring stuff.....

We caught of glimpse of Karen's 'art' as she was zooming through clarklewis keeping patrons happy during a Friday afternoon lunch in Portland a few weeks ago. clarklewis is the woodsy modern bistro that we have been trying to get to for years each trip back to Portland, Oregon. It was a wonderful lunch in an open and airy, semi-industrial space.

Karen's magnificent tattoo caught our eye and we just had to stop her mid-tracks for a closer look.

It was great meeting Karen. She told us the artistry was done by the folks at The Parlour, a self-described 'cruelty free/vegan friendly' hair and tattoo parlour. Cool with us. It is Portland, after all.

We told her about bambu, and presented her with her own bambu Spork which she is 'modeling' here.


On the other coast, an ambitious blending of architecture, performance, and sculpture atop the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art by two brothers.


We were first tipped off to the Starn brothers when they constructed a similar piece in their Brooklyn studio.

They tell their story here..


The New York Times writes a full story of their most recent project here. Big Bambu involves the work and high balance work of several climbers and is a work of art that is constantly changing.

Check out this 3D rendering of their installation. Go to their website for more images.

There is more on this project and other works on their Facebook page.

The other cool part is that the The Beastie Boys,

'You Can't, You Don't, and You Won't Stop'

provides the music inspiration for this project.

The installation is ever changing and runs through October. We'll be sure to check it out when we visit New York in August.

Eyes wide open......

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